Saturday, April 22, 2017

AllHome unveils state-of-the-art Showroom in Sta Rosa Showcasing World-Renowned Ceramics & Sanitary Ware Brands - Iris Ceramica & INAX

Whatever size or shape it is, home is a very special place and spending money on home renovations and improvements is no joke. That is why AllHome offers only the best quality products at any price point for every home need.

AllHome, the most innovative and fastest rising home depot shopping solution in the Philippines, provides homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers with the widest selections of products to turn homes and spaces into the ideal havens envisioned by their owners.

This summer, AllHome introduced new lifestyle concepts for homes by launching the showrooms of two world-renowned brands in ceramic tiles and bathroom fixtures: Iris Ceramica, the leading Italian manufacturer of high-tech glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles, and INAX, a global leader in the manufacture of sanitary fixtures from Japan – the pioneer of the world’s first advanced toilet seat and automatic faucet.

AllHome brings innovative and high-quality Italian Tile Brand Iris Ceramica to the Philippines...

Italian tiles are generally known for their unique design and durability but IRIS added innovative modern technologies to their tiles that set them apart from the rest. Iris Ceramica’s award-winning tiles boast of features such as resistance to flexion, abrasion, thermal shock, crazing, chemical stains, and frost. In fact, they also manufacture antibacterial ceramic. Since 1961, Iris Ceramica has been consistent in demonstrating its commitment to the creation of ceramics with high technical and stylistic value. All of its product innovations are backed up by years of intensive research and intense dedication to make quality and reliability synonymous to the brand.

Iris Ceramica unveiled its seven elegant product collections for floors, walls, d├ęcor and special places. The collections exclusively carried by AllHome are the following:

Balance—intricately designed wall tiles; Flows; French Woods—glazed porcelain stoneware that mimics the beautiful weathered surface of natural wood; Maiolica—a contemporary tile collection that reinvents tradition as a source of inspiration for the modern look; My Wall—porcelain stoneware solutions for tailored bathrooms, available in eight modern and refined combinable colors, and a broad selection of surfaces to make the most of your bathroom; Palazzo—pieces in muted hues that exude class and elegance; and Slide—offers a new tile size for walls, has bright, glossy surfaces, and hues, offered in a palette marked by decisive, refined shades.

Iris Ceramica tiles are used in world-class hotels like Hotel Monte Sarago in Italy and Hotel Alpenrose in Austria.

With the addition of the Iris Ceramica brand to AllHome’s tile arsenal, homeowners now have hundreds of designs and kinds of tiles to choose from—making it a delight to think about renovating spaces like the kitchen or bathroom.

Leading Japanese sanitary ware brand INAX partners with AllHome to enhance the Filipinos’ bathroom experience....

Established in 1924, INAX's heritage started with the production of Japan's first mosaic tiles. Since then, they have built their reputation on the superlative quality and design of their products. To this day, they continue to find new ways to 'design smart' to enhance consumers' daily lives.

The story behind INAX's name is known to only a few. In fact, INAX came from the founder's name 'Chozaburo Ina'. In mathematics, the letter 'X' connotes an 'unknown variable' and the addition of 'X' in INAX signifies strengthening their passion to challenge the unknown. Another trivia about the INAX branding is that their logo shows the word INAX emerging from a blue space because this represents the brand's uncompromising quest to create a new way of living for consumers and deliver value based on tireless and original innovations.

INAX draws on the sophisticated technologies and craftsmanship they have developed over the years as Japan's pioneer manufacturer of bathroom and sanitary fixtures, tiles and building materials.

This high-tech and innovative bathroom solution can be found in the bathrooms of establishments like Aeon Mall in Tokoname District and Hotel Grand Bach Kyoto in Japan.

In the AllHome Sta Rosa Showroom, INAX showcases its exquisitely-designed, superior-quality, and environment-friendly products that boast of advanced technologies. AllHome houses eight collections from the prestigious Japanese brand namely—Echinos, Luxury, Xtreme, Vitality, Familiar, and Standard. Other bathroom accessories and fixtures from INAX such as water closets, bidets, sinks, and faucets are also available in AllHome.

The showrooms make shopping for tiles and sanitary ware more fun and satisfying because of the comfortable, air-conditioned surroundings, well-organized product aisles and the helpful accommodation of the AllHome staff. AllHome now provides residents and offices in Sta. Rosa and nearby vicinities with world-class products and brands that contribute to a distinctive premium lifestyle.

There are currently 15 branches of AllHome in the Philippines located in Pampanga, Cebu, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Metro Manila. The hub for home and building needs continues to grow to serve more and more residential communities and provide a complete and rewarding home shopping experience for both families and industry professionals.

For more information visit and/or call the numbers for AllHome Sta. Rosa at (049) 544 1856 / (049) 544 1858 / 0932 668 9999 / 0927 892 0361.