Friday, July 29, 2016

Sunscreen on a Rainy Day?

Summer is never over in the Philippines. Needless to say, using sunscreen, is not just for summer but all-year round (just like shopping, haha).  Harmful UV rays account for 90% of all skin damages, which is why daily sun protection is an absolute must. I am an advocate of the daily use of sunscreen, and I don't go out without it - rain or shine!

You must have already seen this video, but it's a great eye-opener, so I am sharing this again.

I would like to reiterate the benefits of wearing a sunscreen daily.  It's not mere opinion and belief, it's backed by research and science.

Sunscreens are used to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. They help to prevent sunburn and premature aging (e.g., wrinkles, leathery skin). Sunscreens also help to decrease the risk of skin cancer and also of sunburn-like skin reactions (sun sensitivity) caused by some medications (e.g., tetracyclines, sulfa drugs, phenothiazines such as chlorpromazine).  The active ingredients in sunscreens work either by absorbing the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation, preventing it from reaching the deeper layers of the skin, or by reflecting the radiation. (

Australian researchers found that people who applied sunscreen daily had fewer wrinkles on their skin than those who didn’t use sunscreen regularly.  Sunscreen not only shielded skin from ultraviolet rays, it also protected skin from some visible signs of getting older. In fact, the study revealed that adults up to age 55 who put on sunscreen more frequently had 24 percent less skin aging compared with men and women who used it only occasionally. ( That means, it is the best anti-aging cream! 

"This has been one of those beauty tips you often hear quoted, but for the first time we can back it with science," said study co-author Adele Green, lab head and senior research fellow with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at Royal Brisbane Hospital. "Protecting yourself from skin cancer by using sunscreen regularly has the added bonus of keeping you looking younger.".  (source)

Before you head outside—be it for a day at the beach or even a short walk to the office—consider this: People who use sunscreen daily have significantly younger-looking skin, according to a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. (source)

Remember these when buying sunscreens: (source)
  • It should be "Broad Spectrum", which means the sunscreen protects against Ultraviolet Rays A & B (UVB and UVA rays), which helps prevent skin cancer and sunburn.
  • Has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 or higher. Sunscreens with SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays, and an SPF 45 blocks about 98% of rays. None (repeat, NONE) offers 100% protection. That means sunscreens with a very high SPF, such as SPF 100, may not be worth the added expense you pay for them when compared to the protection they offer. (source)
  • Should be Water Resistant (effective for up to 40 minutes in water) or Very Water Resistant (effective for up to 80 minutes in water) or Sweat Resistant. This means the sunscreen provides protection while swimming or sweating. But remember, even when using a water-resistant sunscreen, you should reapply after getting out of the water or after sweating. 

  • For kids or someone with skin problems, choose sunscreens formulated for babies, because these sunscreens usually don't have harsh ingredients to irritate skin.  For acne-prone skin, you can try Dermax (by SkinStation) Acne UV Gel Sunscreen.

(btw, the terms "sunblock", and "waterproof" are not used in sunscreen labels anymore, esp in the US, because FDA has disallowed these terms on the labels because they go too far, or kinda misleading)

I wear sunscreen every time I go out (as in!) and I apply a very very generous amount - about 1 tsp on my face, neck and ears -  (I think I apply more because I feel insecure if I don't, haha), but I usually end up looking like a chalky soggy ghost when I perspire.  So, I buy a sunscreen which is non-sticky, and has a sheer and light texture.

One of my favorites, which I am using for 2 months now is the DERMAX UV Active Water-Burst Sunscreen which has SPF 45+ with Water-Burst Technology.

UV Active Sunscreen is the first of its kind and rated must-try.  This innovative DERMAX sunscreen with “water-burst” technology creates a cooling burst of moisture as it touches your skin. With SPF-boosting Nyamplung oil and gentle sunscreen ingredients that effectively protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, this water-resistant, water-rich formula is perfect for those with active lifestyles as it provides total protection and the needed hydration. It is ideal for the face and body.

DERMAX Professional is the ONLY skin care company in the Philippines that provides sunscreen variants with "water-burst" technology. Exclusively available at: SkinStation branches and DERMAX Laser Center branches.  Also available at DERMAX online store:

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Note:  Manila Shopper was given product samples for review.

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