Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#WeDeserveThis! Spicing Up Your Forever Favorite Wendy's Burger!

An indelible love mark for anything about Mexico is evident in our culture. From Marimar to Senora Santibañez, from the wrestler Rey Mysterio to the Mexican boxers Pacquiao KO-ed!  

Mexican food is also a hit, so when Wendy’s launched its Bacon Mushroom Jalapeño Melt, expect it to rise from completely unknown to an icon. Why? Wendy’s just combined your forever favorite burger, and add a spicy kick for that Mexican flavor. Okay, Wendy’s, we know what you did there!

Imagine sinking your teeth into your forever favorite crispy bacon, juicy patty, smothered in cheesy mushroom sauce with a kick of Jalapeño all deliciously assembled in a buttery bun. Enjoy the new Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Jalapeño Melt - the prefect MEX of nostalgia. Try it ala carte for P95 or with fries and drink for P146 only.

Head to the nearest Wendy’s store, today! #WeDeserveThis

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