Monday, November 30, 2015

ROW 101 Bridal Pop Up Fair: Dec 4-6 2015 at Rockwell

Say "Yes!" to the city's chicest bridal pop-up fair by Row 101 Pop-Up

Walk down the aisle in high style with Row 101's Bridal Pop Up Fair, where an especially curated line up of wedding suppliers dream up the big day of your fantasies and make it happen. It's not your standard gathering of wedding suppliers: the people behind Row 101 Pop Up—the powerhouse behind successful runs of fashion pop-up events held in Manila's hippest spots—personally handpicked a dream team composed of the country's best designers and brands for brides- and grooms-to-be to choose from.

Rallying up the best in bridal, the Row 101 Bridal Pop Up Fair will be showcasing 30 designers and suppliers in the event—those that whip up the unforgettable wedding dresses, swoon-worthy trinkets and sublime services that every couple aspires for. After all, it's the details that make each wedding memorable—the Row 101 Bridal Pop Up brings together the most sought-after suppliers in the industry, for guests to make real the ideal wedding they've always imagined.

The Row 101 Bridal Pop Up Fair is meant to be a more intimate affair for to-wed guests who want to browse through services they need for their weddings—this explains its thorough concessionaire selection process. More than merely getting an introductory taste of, say, a gown designer or bridal supplier, the event is meant for deeper interaction—guests are invited to take their time in their chosen booth, raise as many inquiries as they can and see how a designer or a brand can adjust to their unique wedding requests. After all, each wedding should be a lock and key fit to its bride and groom—it's the unique trimmings that make the event a memorable one for the couple and their guests. The Row 101 Bridal Pop Up Fair is meant to make those moments come to life with its special brand line up.

Below are the merchants that will showcase their works and products at the pop-up:

Invitations:                                                                          Beauty And Grooming:

Best Impressions                                                                      Inglot
                                                                                                Felipe And Sons

Jewelry:                                                                                  Registry

Golcondia Cultured Diamonds                                                    Knots And Pans


Hannah Kong
Julianne Syjuco
Patty Ang
Mara Chua
Carlo Evaristo
Nat Manilag
Coca Couture (Andrea Tetangco)
Maureen Disini
Mark Bumgarner
Coexist By Camille Co

Adding a touch of fun and whimsy to the event is the presence of influencers, bloggers, celebrities and media that serve as inspirations for would-be brides and grooms. Customers will have the chance to chat up—and maybe even buy from—the personalities that they follow on TV and social media. It's three days to look forward to: great conversation, lively music and good food and drink will make up this special pop-up affair.

The Row 101 Bridal Pop Up Fair will be held on December 4, 5 and 6 at the Kirov Property Showroom in Rockwell. Follow @row101popup and visit for more details on the exciting event that will make you wish your wedding came sooner!


  1. Bridal fair is a really cool event. I want to come with my sister and friends, in our company there will be 3 wedding this year. I think it would be fun. Only thing that I'm worring about is the list of designers. I prefer to order on the Internet, I think I would choose dresses and the wedding’s style on the dress? It is one of the most popular now. My friend wants to buy a dress like that, but I still don’t sure about it. Look very elegant indeed.

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