Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Promising Future of E-commerce in Philippines

Right after the independence from colonial powers, Southeast Asian countries have emerged to be very strong nations. These nations particularly opened themselves up to modern and advanced technology. Their port and capital cities are one of the most crowded and visited cities in the world. 

Philippines, being one of those countries, is a favorite spot for tourists. The country also happens to be the place where the world’s coolest malls are located. Filipinos love to spend their time out shopping. However, as is the case with rest of the world, the trend is changing swiftly. People are a lot more addicted to online shopping these days. The opening up of online marketplaces such as Kaymu Philippines, and other new online shopping sites, shows the trend. And it appears that the future of shopping in Philippines is e-commerce. At least, this is what the marketing experts told the Huffington Post, when asked about the potential of e-commerce in Philippines. 

Idea of Blended E-Commerce
The major trouble in pushing the idea of e-commerce in any country is the mode of transaction. People do not have credit cards, and therefore are not familiar with online payments and transactions. But Jojy Azurin, one of the Philippines' marketing experts, suggests the already in-work idea of blended e-commerce, in which the cash on delivery mode has turned out to be the most efficient one. In fact it is working out very well in the country. Filipinos have acquired this mode in which they order a product and pay the person who delivers the product. The example of OLX and Ebay Philippines is right in front of us.

Collaboration between Public and Private Sector
Many of the experts believe that the government can help push the sector much higher if it comes to support the private sector. There are multiple start-ups in e-commerce space but they face some security concerns and have logistical problems. Once, these are solved, Philippines will see a radical growth in e-commerce sector.

Social Marketing Sites
It needs to be kept in mind that Philippines already tops in the social marketing sites, which is major means towards changing the behaviour of the people. Inanc Balci, CEO of Lazada Philippines believe that it is just a matter of time that everyone will witness a drastic increase and exponential growth in the e-commerce sector.

The upshot is that given some of the basic tools and impetus, Philippines is all set to emerge as one of the leading e-commerce trading nations in the world.

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