Friday, May 29, 2015

Barista & Coffee Academy of Asia Officially Launched

What makes a perfect cup of coffee? Well, it's a combination of several factors - the coffee blend, the machine, the grinder, the roasting process, the temperature, pressure, and of course, the Barista! But, are Baristas created equal? Think again! What separates the great from the good, the bright from the dull, the full-bodied from the flat? Professional education and proper training from a world-class coffee school! Those were the most important things I learned from the launch of The Barista & Coffee Academy of Asia last April at Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

The Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy (PBCA) was founded in 2009 by a group of like-minded individuals who decided to establish a school that would enhance the Filipino barista skills and increase Filipino’s coffee appreciation. PBCA was the only school in the country affiliated by The American Barista & Coffee School, the world's premier professional facility based in Portland Oregon, for coffee business entrepreneurs, and the first to offer a complete coffee business educational workshop combined with hands-on barista training. 

On April 2015, PBCA was re-launched and officially renamed Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia (BCAA). It still retains the affiliation with The American Barista & Coffee School (ABC). Moreover, it is accredited by TESDA as an Assessment Center.

The academy offers a complete Coffee Business Educational Program, and World-Class Barista Training Programs that are patterned after the American Barista & Coffee School. Thus, graduates of BCAA are able to manage their own Cafes or land on quality coffee-related jobs locally, regionally and internationally. 

The facilities of the school can be rented and used as a place for coffee-related meetings, conferences and even coffee education parties. Under BCAA, the school has expanded to an additional 150-sqm area to accommodate roasting and cupping classes (where students learn how to cup or profile their roasted coffee using the SCAA standards of coffee cupping), Tea Appreciation facilities, as well as provide proper capacity to conduct Coffee Quality Grading certification classes (Q Grading Classes). 

"Being focused on coffee but not being limited to it, BCAA also aims to provide students with opportunities to experiment, explore, expand their palate and create various specialty beverages that would further complement their barista profession, and we are glad to show you just that." Ms. Cherry Cruz stated in her speech during the launch.

One of their most interesting programs is the Coffee Study Tours, a 5-day course for coffee enthusiasts who love to travel, as well. The class combines classroom lectures and out-of-class tours and in-depth discussions of cafés, coffee shops, and local and/or international coffee plantations, and culture. 

BCAA also offers a Home Barista Program for people who just love coffee and want to brew a great cup in the comfort of their homes, and make full use of their domestic espresso machines. Check more of BCAA's Special Programs HERE.


Barista & Coffee Academy of Asia is located at 18th Floor, Atlanta Centre, 31 Annapolis Street Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila. You may call them at (+632) 570-7649 or email them thru Visit or

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