Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ray-Ban Spring-Summer 2015 #RUGGEDASDENIM

Just when you thought there’s no new way of wearing denim, think again! For spring-summer 2015, Ray-Ban presents its new explorations in the world of materials and technology, and creates innovative, intriguing versions of its iconic models along with new sun and optical styles. 

In this season, Ray-Ban continues its research and dares into the possibilities offered by the new technologies – moving forward with innovation and style at its helm. On the forefront of this revolution is a Ray-Ban classic paired with another fashion staple. 

The iconic Wayfarer welcomes summer with a new look. Carefully crafted with 5 layers of 100% polypropylene-coated ultra strong denim, this new design is the result of two years of research and a high-tech layering process making each pair look completely unique. Finished with original rivets and hypoallergenic silicone nose pads, these upgraded Ray-Bans feel as awesome as they appear. The latest denim Wayfarer collection concentrates on technology with the rebel look of hand-finished jeans for a unique flair. SRP: P12,990 

This style comes in classic denim blue or in a range of new colors, like black, light blue, rust, green and purple. Two classic fashion items forged into one trendy accessory - three thumbs up! Truly, it just goes to show that denim never goes out of style. 

NEVER PRETEND. You can’t hide the inner fabric of true style.

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