Thursday, March 19, 2015

SkinStation UltraSlim & ThermaShape Promo: Mar 2015

Are you ready for summer? Get that summer-ready body safely and effortlessly with SkinStation's UltraSlim and ThermaShape Program at the following great prices:

P13,500 for 5 sessions
P15,500 for 7 sessions
P16,500 for 10 sessions

Add to your slimming program: LipoLight at P100/session (95% off)
(limited to the number of sessions of UltraSlim and ThermaShape program enrolled)

Promo runs until March 31, 2015 only!

UltraSlim uses low frequency ultrasound waves resulting in fat loss, body sculpting and improvement in cellulite appearance. (Regular price: P3,000 per session)

ThermaShape is a radio frequency (RF) procedure that provides firming and tightening by encouraging collagen production. After treatment, fat cells shrink in size and skin becomes smoother, eliminating the dimpled effect. (Regular price of ThermaShape: P2,500 per session)

LipoLight uses LED Red Light to increase collagen and elastin to tighten the skin and flatten fat cells to reduce inches. (Regular price of LipoLight: P2,000 per session)

Read more information on Non-invasive Slimming and Firming procedures HERE.

Promo is available in all SkinStation branches. Cash and credit card payments are accepted. For a list of branches, please check HERE.

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