Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exciting Sky Ranch Rides at SM City Pampanga

The biggest and tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines . . . A Dream Log that mimics the experience of going down a raging river  . . . a Super Viking gondola that swings up to 90 degrees . . . a nostalgic double- decker Carousel...

These are just some of the exciting attractions at the Skyranch, which opened recently at SM City Pampanga.  Located on a 10,000 site beside the mall, it is the first amusement park in North Luzon and the newest destination for both local residents and tourists.

Developed by SM Prime Holdings, Inc. partnership with S&T Leisure Inc. and Westech Philippines, the Skyranch brings all the thrills, all the excitement, and all the fun to kids and kids at heart with its 22 rides.

You’ll feel you're on top of the world with The Big Wheel, the TALLEST and BIGGEST ferris wheel in the Philippines with 65 meters in height and 50 meters in diameter. It is composed of 32 air-conditioned gondolas. Each gondola can accommodate 4 persons. The wheel can accommodate 128 persons per cycle.

The Loop Roller Coaster, on the other hand, is great for thrill seekers as it completes a 360 circle at the top of the loop, completely inverting riders.  Left to right swerving, sudden speed bursts, and camel backs make this a ride to remember.  This ride indeed offers enough excitement for thrill seekers to create a great experience.

Capture the excitement of a water ride down a raging river with the Dream Log ride.  Cruising over 50 minutes of winding waters,  passengers drop from a height of 9.5 meters into a wet and wild water track for a never before experience water adventure.

More thrills?   the Space Shuttle that swivels with three cycles going to the right, and three cycles going to the left. Excitement of this ride is the same as Top Dancer of Tagaytay & Astroliner of SMBY. It swivels with three Cycle going to the Right and three cycle going to the left.. .

There is also the extreme Super Viking ride, an open seated gondola that swings up to 90 degrees back and forth. This ride can accommodate 32 persons with 5 persons per row, and will take from 5-6 mins. For kids, there's the Mini Viking, a ride which moves like Super Viking, swinging back and forth.  It can accommodate 10-12 passengers for 3 mins. This is recommendable for kids ready to feel the excitement in riding a boat.

And, the Drop Tower which slowly lifts passengers to forty feet high before releasing in a free fall that intensifies the excitement. Height requirement for children must be 4 feet and above to ride.

The Field Runner, a one-of-a-kind roller coaster that offers enough space to accommodate not only kids but suitable for the whole family. It will make your heart beats fast and brings out the adrenaline rush in your system.

There are also nostalgic rides like the Double Decker Carousel, the classic favorite ride of all time, where kids can ride on magical horses.  Designed by Peter Petz Productions of Germany, it transports one back to 20th century world fairs.  There are also modern Caterpillar and Octopus rides that give one a spinning, flipping, and twirling sensation.

Octopus Ride has has eight (8) Octopus arms that are attached to a central axle and spin/moves up and down in random motion.

Skyranch Pampanga also has a Planetarium, a theater built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows.  With its dome shaped projection screen, it provides objects that can be made to appear and move realistically and simulate motion. 

More exciting rides include:

  • Bumper Boat: A water ride where in people drive a small round shape boat in a pool and with excitement motion of bumping/colliding/hitting with another boat for fun/enjoyment factor.
  • Canoe Ride: A water ride in a small flume car where children will do their own paddle to get across the series of curve obstacles and complete the ride cycle.
  • Convoy Tours: Composed of mini cars set on a powered track which makes it move around the truck in an upward slope. There’s no age limit requirement and children under 3 feet in height are required to have adult companion.
  • Music Express: A modern “caterpillar” ride which gives the spinning sensation of a round up. You will go spinning, flipping and twirling in this exciting ride which will make you shout for excitement. It can accommodate 72 passengers.
  • Express Train: A trackless train where both kids and adult may enjoy the ride while roaming around the park. The train can accommodate 12 guests and will take 9-10 mins per ride.
  • Gear Shift: A bump car that operates through an electric current that will make you experience to drive an automatic car. The ride is suitable for both young and adult market.
  • Kangaroo Jump: A three minute ride with six kangaroo wagon which rotates in a circular motion while bouncing up and down. It creates a funny sounds to make it more attractive and playful. This is strictly for kids between 3ft to 5ft tall.
  • Walk on Water: Also known as water ball in a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside to walk across the surface of a body of water. The giant ball is two meters in diameter and with zipper as passage way of entrance/exit. This is strictly for kids between 4ft to 5ft not exceeding 110 pounds.
  • Sky Cruiser: An aerial ride where you control your vehicle by pedal and move around the track above the path and have a great view of Mt. Arayat. A wagon can accommodate 2 guests.
  • Bungee Jump: The same as trampoline wherein you jump up & down with harness in your body for safety purposes.
  • Wonderflight: Consists of eighteen (18) straight colorful gondolas including yellow, blue and green. This three (3) minute ride it rotates from down to up in a fast movement. It rotates in a counter-clockwise direction which added an extreme feeling as it suddenly rotate clockwise. Speed is adjustable. This is an ideal ride for kids.

Visitors of all ages can also have fun with games – booths for basketball, a color toss, ring toss, bowling, and darts, where park guests can bring home stuffed toys and other prizes.

Sky Ranch Pampanga is open for walk-in customers and group tours which offer exciting rides for all ages.

Sky Ranch Pampanga Rdies Price list

Sky Ranch Pampanga is open every Weekends (Friday-Sunday) 12NN to 12MN while on Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) 3PM to 12MN. For more details, please call (045) 963 7681 to 85 or (02)712 8015. Follow the Facebook Page via www.facebook/SkyRanchPampanga and Instagram at @skyranchpampanga.


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