Monday, March 2, 2015

AV Surfer Gadgets Summer Sale: March 2015

Check out AV Surfer's Gadgets Summer SALE on March 2 - 31, 2015 from 10am to 8pm at Greenfield District. Get the best tech brands in one roof, at amazing prices!

Participating brands: Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Devant, Xperia, Acer, Lenovo, and Asus.

click thru for a larger image or view location map HERE

AV Surfer Gadgets Summer Sale Location:
Greenfield District Pavilion L1-113B
Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City
Credit cards are accepted as payment option.


  1. This type of benefit cannot be expected from physical stores. If we visit a physical store to buy gadgets, we can check only a limited number of products.

  2. Summer sales are always good, we get lot of bargains. Now-a-days the physical stores are again back in fashion since some of the consumer goods need to be touched, felt and compared before making the purchase. -