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19th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta & Schedule of Activities: Feb 2015

Come and enjoy a "Weekend of Everything that Flies!" The 19th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta happens as early as 4:30am on February 12 - 15, 2015 at Clarkfield Pampanga. More than just a gathering of aviators from the Philippines and around the world, The PIHABF (Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta) promises a weekend of fun with exciting activities (aside from hot air ballooning, of course) like paragliding, skydiving, aerobatic exhibitions, kite flying, and more! great finds at the Flying Market and Bazaar. 

click thru for a larger image of Hot Air Ballonn Fiesta Schedule of Activities

  • Standard entrance ticket fee, valid for 1 day is P300 , which serves as a contribution to the PIHABF Foundation. (The entrance ticket allows you to enter the public spectator area and view the balloons and other aircraft from a safe distance. Only authorized personnel with ID’s are allowed to enter the restricted areas).
  • Children below the height of 3 feet can enter for FREE. Standard ticket price applies for children above 3 feet in height.
  • Senior citizens are entitled to a 20% discount by presenting the proper ID. Tickets have to be purchased at the gate for verification of senior citizen’s ID.


1)  Check ticket page for information on how to get your tickets early! You can also go to:

2)  Buy your tickets from Ticketnet HERE
3)  For hot air balloon rides, sky diving, aircraft ride, paramotor, please check out: 

3)  You can also buy tickets from PIHABF office in Pasay City. For more information kindly call their Marketing Executive Ms. Vanessa Sebrio-Sotana at 632- 8512450.

4)  VIP Tickets are also available for advance purchase HERE. Watch the events from the PIHABFFI VIP Tent. Enjoy food and drinks in an air conditioned lounge — right at the balloon launch field.
Priority Entrance
Complimentary use of the Balloon Launch Patio
Air-Conditioned Lounge
Breakfast buffet
Lunch buffet
Afternoon high tea
Complimentary snacks & beverages

5) Tickets are also available at the front gate.


1) Wear casual, comfortable clothing. Weather is usually sunny, but it’s also good to be prepared for some rain. The venue can get dusty during warm weather and muddy when it rains, so remember to be prepared for these conditions.

2) Hot air balloons take off every 5:30-6:00 AM depending on wind conditions. The next opportunity to see the balloons is in the afternoon at 5:30 PM as they fly in, if wind conditions are conducive. The balloons will also be tethered on Saturday and Sunday night for the Night Glow.

3)  Pets may be brought to the fiesta venue, but owners should be responsible to clean up after them. Owners should also make sure that their pets will not be a nuisance to other fiesta attendees.

4)  For safety reasons, smoking is not allowed inside the venue, except for designated smoking areas, which will be properly marked.

Phil Hot Air Balloon location map

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