Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Citibank's PayLite Pay Later Holiday 2014 Promo

PayLite your way through your holiday shopping
and pay 3 months later with Citi Credit Cards!

Through Citi Credit Cards’ PayLite Pay Later promotion, you can enjoy 0% interest on installment terms, and start paying up to three months later. Plus with over 100 merchant partners, you can definitely say your holiday shopping just got merrier.

Use this gift guide to shop for everyone on your list!

The Techie. Check out these stores for the coolest gadgets: Avid, Beyond the Box, Electroworld, Memoxpress, Power Mac and more!

The Athlete. Shop for the sports enthusiast at Nike Park, Nike Stadium, Planet Sports and Toby’s Sports.

The Avid Traveller. Nothing beats brand new bags and luggage from Tumi, Delsey, and The Travel Club when planning the next destination.

The Shopaholic. A shopping spree at over a hundred stores like Forever 21, Roxy, Res Toe Run including department stores such as Metro Store, Robinsons, Rustan’s and The SM Store will be a most welcome Christmas gift for the shopaholic!

The Handyman. There’s always a new project in the works—keep his busy hands happy with gifts from Ace Hardware, Blims, Forty Winks, Handyman Do It Best, Our Home, True Value, Wilcon and other home improvement stores.

The Fashionista. Watches and jewelry from Casio, Hermes, Miladay Jewels, Rustan’s Silver Vault Technomarine Time Depot, Washington and more are a great place to find that perfect new accessory for the fashionista.

The Adventure Seeker. Surprise the adventure seeker with new outdoor gear from The North Face, Columbia, Victorinox and R.O.X.!

Enjoy Citi’s PayLite Pay Later promotion until January 15, 2015.

For more info, and a complete list of participating partner merchants, log on to


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