Thursday, December 11, 2014

Be Ready to Reach Your Goals in 2015 with BDJ Planner #PerksofaBella + Blog Giveaway (closed)

There's a saying that goes, "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail". Planning helps me organize my thoughts, shape my future actions, and better manage my time, to eventually reach my goals. And, I'm so glad that there are planners which could fit my lifestyle and my planning needs. I'm talking about my favorite BDJ Planners

Viviamo! Inc. is the creator of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, the Navi Journal, and the Everything is Possible Planner. “Viviamo” is Italian for “We Live”. Their mission is to craft tools that will help people live out their ultimate life. Starting with the Belle de Jour Power Planners, they envision products that empower Filipinos to try, to dare, to experience, to achieve, and to live. This has expanded to creating customized paper and planner products that influence the lifestyle of Filipinos.

The Belle de Jour Power (BDJ) Planner 2015 is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. It has 192 full-color pages and is 5.7in wide by 7.9in tall. It comes in two cover options – matte-laminated and leather. The planner contains stickers to mark those special dates as well as weekly affirmations to keep you motivated in fulfilling the things you need to do.

Additionally, the BDJ Planner has a lifestyle card - a discount card that can be used to avail special deals from BDJ Partners. For this year, the BDJ Team also partnered with ZAP Philippines to give you access to over 400 merchants nationwide. Compared to the previous editions, coupons are now placed in a separate booklet, to make the coupons more handy and more convenient for the girls to bring around with them.

The 2015 Belle de Jour Power Planner includes:
  • Dance Your Way Through Life page based on “ikigai” concept to help you find your reason to get up every morning and enjoy life with a deep sense of purpose.
  • Time Management Principles -Based Layout to help you get things done
  • Advocacy Tracker to challenge yourself to make a difference.
  • Rules of Photography & Travel Shot List pages to guide you to create your own shoot lists tailored to wherever you’re travelling.

  • BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge Tracker and Beauty Essentials Checklist to help you keep track of your BDJ Box experience and create your beauty arsenal.

  • Health Checklist, Immunization and Menstrual Tracker Pages so you can take good care of yourself

  • Bills and Cash Flow Tracker Pages to help you manage your income and expenses

  • Goals, Dreamboard, and Checklists to help you focus on what’s important

What's great about The ninth edition of the BDJ Power Planner is that it is jam-packed with special features, articles, and over P40,000 worth of coupons that make living life to the fullest possible for all our BDJ Bellas. The 2015 BDJ Power Planner is your perfect tool to break things down and tackle things one day at a time, and hopefully bring you one step closer to your dream life.

Navi, Your Life Navigator, is a 12-month planner that takes inspiration from places where we can fly. It reminds us about the importance of going places and seeing the world wide-eyed, like the first time. When we scale the globe and bring home vast experiences, we take something with us once we go down – along with the scenery and the experience, the knowledge that it’s up to us to chase away our fears, that it’s up to us to push ourselves to conquer great heights. 

The NAVI 2015 planner comes with over P25,000 worth of coupons from your favorite food and lifestyle haunts. It has 176 full-color smythe-sewn pages, and is 5.6in wide by 7.9in tall. It has an expandable back pocket and comes in a matte leather cover. 

NAVI 2015: Your Life Navigator is a tool for you to:

• Plot your week by having a monopoly of your plotting map. Sketch or write, and collect experiences. Satisfy your curiosity and have them all documented so you can look back and realize how much life has to offer. 
• Clear the route. Keep track of the important things and plan out your ventures – Places to go, things to try out, people to meet – scrawl away! 
• Explore the world. Learn about places you can explore around the world and gain helpful insights for your upcoming adventures. 

For the modern day explorer, for one who sees life as one big adventure, NAVI is your perfect companion to start traveling the world and live the questions now. Get inspired to create your own adventure, write your own life rules, set your goals, take daring leaps, find reasons to celebrate, and above all, go places with NAVI 2015. 

Everything is Possible is a tribute to the talented and creative people surrounding us, who help us do what we love and who remind us to keep at it! The 2015 eip planner aims to ask this question: “If there is one thing you want to leave behind as your legacy, what would that be?”Scattered throughout its pages are the Braille characters for the word possible, ... to remind us that we are able to achieve anything we set our minds to. 

The 2015 EIP has 192 full-color pages, is 5.6in wide by 7.9in tall, has an expandable back pocket, and comes in a matte-laminated hard cover. 

The planner is packed with:

a. A special weekly layout for your weekly priorities
b. Mantras to keep you on-track in your mission
c. Micro Actions to guide you in your goals
d. Wheel Of Life to help you assess your life focus
e. Year End Workbook to document the things you’ve achieved and learned

Make everything possible with the EIP Planner and use it as your guide to 1) create a mindset with the daily dose of motivational quotes, 2) concentrate by prioritizing 3 things, then see more tasks crossed out at the end of the day, and 3) free your mind by writing random thoughts to enjoy the right amount of freedom you need everyday. This is the beginning of anything you want! 

Apart from awesome planners, they also have Forget-Me-Not notepads (for ideas, lists, meeting notes, cash and to-do-tracking) and also the BDJ Sticky Notes. BDJ products are available in all major bookstores and at

Are you ready to reach your goals in 2015? One lucky reader wins Everything is Possible Planner. Thanks a lot to BDJ Team for the planners and this great giveaway.

Kindly wait for rafflecopter to load. And, don't forget to post your comments.


  1. My one big goal this coming 2015 is to save money. Hoping to win this giveaway. I want planner for myself.

  2. This 2015, my one big goal is to be the greatest mom to my soon to be baby (4 months pregnant). If I get to win this planner, it will greatly help me as I keep track of me and my baby's health, our family's finances, our small business and many other things. More power to Manila Shopper and BDJ Team.

  3. hope to win this one:) more power!!

  4. Happy planning ahead! the best of life awaits us on 2015! =*

  5. My goal is to earn more for my daughter. Save money for her future.
    Hope to win;)

  6. The biggest goal I'll workon 2015 is to have a stable job. Since I am a graduating student, to have a job next year is my primary goal. :)

  7. My one big goal for 2015 is to open an account in mutual fund and stocks in preparation for my future.

  8. I will take my family for a vacation :)

  9. My one big goal for 2015 is to excel in my studies as well as to pass the cut-off. :)

  10. There's only one Big Goal that I am aiming this coming 2015, and that is to enter my last year in College and eventually Graduate. BDJ Planner is the ideal planner for me. With this baby I will never have a hard time of tracking my submission of projects and attending seminars. Hope to win! This would be a nice Christmas and New Years gift. Thank You for this BDJ and Manila Shopper!

  11. My Biggest Goal this coming 2015 is to become financially stable...

  12. My one big goal for 2015 is to excel in my career and get that promotion that I deserve!

  13. My biggest goal would be to make my parents proud! This includes, of course, doing well academics-wise, helping with the business, and, hopefully, going on an exchange program during this Summer 2015.

  14. My big goal is to jumpstart my career and at the same time have a sideline and save for my kids future.. winning this planner is really a great help for me to plan and jot down my daily activities and goals..

  15. What's that one big goal you'll work on in 2015?
    -To be a better Christian. I've got to admit that there are times that I'm losing trust with God but now, I really wanted to work on it by trusting Him more because he knows what's best for me. :)

  16. To pass all the comprehensive exams and to graduate!

  17. – The one big goal that I will work on in 2015 would be to become a regular employee at the company that I worked for. I will work harder to prove myself.

  18. the big goal is to be a good mother and create a wonderful family that always smile :)

  19. my one BIG goal for 2015 is to be focused living each day with a smile and overflowing with gratitude whether on good and not so good days :)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. My biggest goal this coming 2015 is to finish my course work for my masters in media studies degree and hopefully, pass the comprehensive exam for my thesis! Hopes all up! Especially for this giveaway! Hihihi!

  22. The one big goal I will work on in 2015 is to acquire experience in management which I will need in my bigger goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

  23. A big goal this 2015 is to pass all my subjects and comprehensive exams to be one step closer to my vision.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. My ONE big goal in 2015 is to have work and experience as a Nurse. :)

  26. learn more new dishes to cook for my kids :D

  27. I will be an Operations Team Supervisor in 2015!

  28. My one big goal this 2015 is to climb Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia together with my husband.

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