Friday, November 21, 2014

Ogetsu Hime Brings the Best of Japan at Half The Price!

Ogetsu Hime, named after a Japanese Food Goddess, is a restaurant that offers a wide selection of Japanese dishes, known for its specialized menu of sushi, teppanyaki and sukiyaki. They use only high-quality ingredients, both local and flown-in straight from Japan.

 Apart from the sushi and sashimi options, beef and seafood teppanyaki are also available.

This season, Ogetsu Hime introduces the Best of Japan. The special menu highlights dishes that consist of Matsusaka beef (known for its high flavor, juiciness, tenderness and marbling), Otoro (premium bluefin tuna belly), Hamachi (Japanese yellowtail), and Amaebi (Hokkaido sweet shrimp), as well as Anago (saltwater eel), Hotategai (Hokkaido Japanese scallops), and Engawa (Japanese halibut) – all of which are available at half the price.  Guests can enjoy the tender texture and complex flavor of Matsusaka beef as teppanyaki or as sukiyaki, with enoki mushrooms, vegetables and yam noodles in savory-sweet soup. They can also choose to have sashimi, nigiri sushi, temaki or makimono prepared with succulent seafood.

With its prime location at the Sky Park of SM Aura, Ogetsu Hime gives customers a better dining option at the mall with a range of quality offerings at accessible prices. Soon, yakiniku items will be added to the menu, joining its sushi, teppanyaki and sukiyaki staples.

Reg. Price (Pesos) Special Half Price
MATSUSAKA BEEF - Teppanyaki  3,900   1,950 
MATSUSAKA BEEF - Sukiyaki  3,900   1,950 
OTORO - Sashimi  2,200   1,100 
OTORO - Sushi   / Temaki    900      450 
OTORO - Maki    950      475 
AMAEBI - Sashimi 790 395
AMAEBI - Sushi   / Temaki 390 195
AMAEBI - Maki 390 195
HOTATEGAI - Sashimi 850 425
HOTATEGAI - Sushi   / Temaki 380 190
HOTATEGAI- Maki 380 190
ENGAWA - Sashimi 850 425
ENGAWA - Sushi   / Temaki 350 175
ENGAWA- Maki 350 175
HAMACHI - Sashimi 850 425
HAMACHI - Sushi   / Temaki 350 175
HAMACHI- Maki 350 175
ANAGO - Sashimi 650 325
ANAGO - Sushi   / Temaki 380 190
ANAGO - Maki 380 190

Best of Japan Special Half Price Menu is available from Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner, until November 28, 2014 only. Ogetsu Hime is located at 5/F Sky Park, SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City. For inquiries, call (02)519-9840 or (0917)809-6585. Find Ogetsu Hime on Facebook at and @OgetsuHime on Twitter and Instagram.

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