Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Join the #WorldToiletDay for a #BrightFuture

Today, November 19 is World Toilet Day! Toilets save lives. So, Let’s practice proper toilet hygiene. Pledge your support to the #1MCleanToilets movement and help save lives. Manila Shopper is part of this movement! Join us as we make the world a cleaner and safer place to live in. Together, let us make the world a better place for everyone!  All you have to do is to click the link HERE!

 For every pledge, Domex will donate P5 to UNICEF’s Sanitation Program. 
All you have to do is to click the link HERE and you can save lives!

I just made my pledge! Your pledge can help hundreds of people get improved access to basic sanitation and toilet facilities. So, join NOW!

For more info, please visit

Thanks to Domex and Stratworks for making Manila Shopper part of this campaign :o)

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