Thursday, October 9, 2014

Enjoy Philippines Celebrates its 5th Anniversary With Its Best Edition Kit

Enjoy Philippines celebrates its 5th anniversary as one of the country’s premier loyalty and privilege programs with the launch of its thickest edition ever. With 275 restaurants, hotels, and other lifestyle establishments as brand partners, the new kit offers better deals, more discounts, and more freebies honored in over 900 locations nationwide.

Its launch comes with the introduction of the revamped Enjoy VIP PH application on iOS and Android smartphones, so members can redeem and get exclusive access to discounts and freebies at any time.

With the kit, members get the privilege to choose from 135 Buy 1 Get 1 deals, 50% off or better offers, and over P25,000 worth of gifts and items with no purchase requirement. They can claim these by bringing the coupons and their card, or accessing the app via their smartphones for paperless transactions in a breeze.

To celebrate this milestone, they held an intimate press party where guests were able to partake in exciting games and won special prizes. They picked cupcakes set up with random prizes on a Ferris wheel display fit for the theme. Other games challenged their mathematical abilities as well as their accuracy and aim while having fun throughout the event and learning more about what makes Enjoy Philippines’ 5th edition the best kit yet.
To learn more about Enjoy Philippines, call their hotline (02) 478.8888 or visit You may also Like Enjoy on Facebook and follow @enjoyphil on Twitter and Instagram.


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