Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vitress - Your Hair Solution for Always Beautiful Hair


Beautiful hair is what all women strive for, but it’s not always easy to achieve. It all begins with the right shampoo and conditioner combo, but the real secret is in prepping your hair with the right product to tame your strands and boost shine. With the right Vitress variant, you can easily score sexy-beautiful hair whenever, wherever.

Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat 50ml, P87
This special serum contains a blend of silicone that wraps and seals each strand to protect it from damage and breaking. It gives your hair instant and intense shine, softness, smoothness, protection, and manageability.
Also available in 15ml for P38, 30ml for P67

Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat 30ml, P75
Can’t tame stubborn curls or wavy hair? This hair oil uses Vita-Relax Technology to help flatten unruly, wavy hair for a naturally straighter look.
Also available in 20ml for P49

Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat 30ml, P75

If you’ve been abusing your strands with constant coloring or chemical treatments like perms or rebonding, this cuticle coat uses a Hydro-Restore System to reverse the damage. The results? Healthy-looking, satin-smooth hair!

Also available in 20ml for P49

Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat 30ml, P75

This protective hair oil uses a unique Thermo-Shield Complex to shield your hair from the harmful effects of frequent blow-drying, ironing, curling. This way, you can wear the style you want without worrying about the damage.

Also available in 20ml for P49

 Vitress Solenn Cuticle Coat 30ml, P80

Designed and co-created by Solenn Heussaff, this hair cuticle coat tames curls and waves so you can rock smooth, silky, and shiny hair. Tress trivia: Even the powdery scent and the artwork on the bottle were designed by Solenn!

Vitress Strengthening Hair Polish 100ml, P56

This light cream uses Vita Strength Formula to help prevent split ends and breakage for strong, shiny hair. Also available in 50ml for P35

Vitress Long-Lasting Fragrance Hair Polish 100ml, P56

Thanks to its Scent-Infinity Complex, this non-greasy cream keeps your hair smelling fresh, fragrant, and looking shiny throughout the day. Also available in 50ml for P35

Vitress Sun Protect Hair Polish 100ml, P56

If you’re always under the sun, use this cream that’s spiked with a unique Sun-Defense System to shield your strands from the hair-damaging UV rays. Also available in 50ml for P35

Vitress is available in all leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide. For more info, please check their social media accounts:

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