Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Creative Gift Ideas for Valentine's

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Have you bought something for your beloved? Expensive material gifts for a loved one on Valentine's day are not really very important. In fact, most of the meaningful gifts cost a little or nothing at all.  What is important is that you express your love and how much he or she means to you.  You could create a special experience and give something from the heart.

Here are my 10 Creative Gift Ideas for Valentine's

1)  Exchange cheesy but sweet gifts that remind you of one another, for whatever reason. You can also suggest it as a Valentine's tradition for the two of you. The item should be very affordable. Recall some experiences that the two of you have had together and then make a nice card that explains the gift but don't be too cheesy (or corny) in what you write :)

2)  Make your own card detailing everything you love about this person….or,  maybe a list of 10 or 50 or even 100 things you love about him or her.  Remember Miley Cyrus’ song, “7 things I hate about you? can make something like that but wordings should be something like: I hate your eyes.. because it melts my heart away whenever you look at me.  (or probably a good pick-up line will do). I found a site where you can buy this gift idea from.  

3)  If you have a good photo of the two of you together, or of a location that holds a special meaning, why not have it blown up in size and put it in a nice frame? 

4)  Put together a box of this person's favorite things…like a favorite snack, a favorite drink, etc…those small things. People feel loved and important when they know that other people pay attention to the small things about them.

5)  A single red rose! Instead of giving her a dozen roses (which is very expensive during Valentine's), pick out a single, perfect long-stemmed red rose. Give her a card with the rose, listing all of the reasons why the two of you are perfect together. 

6) Fill his/her room or car with balloons. You could insert notes filled with reasons why you love him or her.

7)  Give him or her a handwritten love letter, even if your penmanship is awful!  In this age of emails and technology, an old-fashioned love letter still has its romantic charm. A love letter is still a treasured keepsake - it can be re-read anywhere and anytime your beloved wants to think of you. You can also write a poem. You don't need to be a Shakespeare to be able to write to good poem or love letter - just use your own words, that come from the heart! It costs nothing but the effort is priceless and very much appreciated!   (I tell you, I did this and it was very effective!)

8)  A mix of his or her favorite songs or an assortment of love songs will be a sweet and thoughtful gift, as well.  Create a playlist filled with love songs and make it better by creating a cover with a photo of both of you. Add in a couple of songs that have great titles that you can connect them together to create a short love note.

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9) Sing a love song.  Now is the time to show your talent haha :)) Sing a love song live or record it in a CD as a present.  If you are not a good singer, you could compose your own lyrics, adapted to the melody of your favorite song…and then you could record it.  Even though your voice sucks, this will be appreciated by your significant other.

10) Create a Love Blog. Create a love blog through free service platforms like such as, or  Add photos, memories, and thoughts about why you love him/her and hopes and dreams for your future together.

I tried some of them and I could tell you, they really worked!

Whatever your budget, remember that it’s always the thought that counts, so put in some effort this Valentine’s and show your significant other how much he or she means to you. 

                                Can you share your own creative gift ideas?

//updated// original post dated 2/13/2011


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