Sunday, November 3, 2013

Valor Chocolates NOW in the Philippines!

Valor Chocolates is Spain's leading chocolate company since 1881. Still family owned, Valor is a market leader in Spain and an important pleasure supplier in the more than 50 countries where it is distributed.

 Nearly every mall and airport in Spain has a Valor Chocolate Shop..

The brand has just been introduced to the Philippine market and it is receiving favorable feedback from consumers. Discovering the pleasure behind Valor chocolates is just within reach from leading retailers nationwide at reasonable prices.

At the launch, we were amazed by the cakes made from Valor yummy!

Valor has a wide range of portfolio that are still to come to the Philippine market. It recently created the Dessert Range, keeping in mind all those who love to prepare professional desserts at home, providing the best products to achieve recipe perfection. 

The impressive Professional Range of Valor Chocolates—a large portfolio of products made using the best selection of the brand's cacaos and chocolates, targeting connoisseurs of the confectionery world, a market with the highest standards made up of confectioners, pastry chefs and chefs, among others. 

Another significant innovation is the brand's exclusive Philippine launch of Valor Hazelnut Spread that comes in regular and sugar free variants. It is made with 13% hazelnuts and its sugar free variant is a delectable treat to diabetics or on a diet. Awesome, right?

This year the brand also has presented its new range of sugar-free bars, which are now sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a plant originating in South America that is 15 times sweeter than sugar. 

The sugar-free bars come in a broad range that is ideal for chocolate lovers who are watching their figures or need to control their sugar intake. They retain all the flavor and pleasure of the brand's chocolate—without the sugar. They also come in an unbelievable array of sugar-free offerings: Dark; 70% Dark; Dark with Whole Marcona Almonds; Dark with Whole Hazelnuts; Dark with Chocolate Mousse Truffle; Milk Chocolate; Milk Chocolate with Whole Marcona Almonds; Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts; Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Truffle Filling. They're all amazing! 

Check them out in all leading supermarkets.

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  1. Perfect article, thank you! When the holidays come, I start to panic, because finding the right gift is not always easy. The only one that I have always chosen is chocolate and love. Yes, organic chocolate and the love you put into it are natural. In general, sweets are ideal when you cannot decide on a gift.