Saturday, November 30, 2013

Samuel & Kevin (S&K) at Shangri-la Plaza Mall + S&K Swap Promo til Dec 1 2013

Recognized and worn all over Asia and the Middle East, S&K (Samuel & Kevin) is one of the biggest and most popular clothing brands. Located in some of the most fashionable shopping districts and malls, S&K is a place to shop and be seen for today’s trendsetters and fashion conscious.

Stylish, innovative and sophisticated, S&K clothes appeal to a wide spectrum of people from teenagers to young adults. S&K products possess fashion, style and are easy to mix and match.

Not only does S&K offer great fashion, it offers great value too. For what you pay, S&K’s range of jeans and casual wear are made from the finest fabrics and designed well which make them stand out from the other labels. Projecting a cool yet low profile image, the clothes are strikingly sophisticated and stylish.

Within nine years, S&K has established over 600 stores in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Egypt.

And now, S&K has recognised the energetic youth in the Philippines and has established a chic store at the new wing of Shangrila Mall. It is located at the Hip n Chic section of the new East Wing, with interiors to show brand’s attitude and personality.

As a youth and stylish fashion brand, S&K epitomizes the very essence of modern youth culture. It aims to dress young people everywhere with the chic clothing of today. We sell high quality and comfortable jeans, pants, shorts, dresses, leggings, tee shirts, polo shirts, polos, footwear, underwear and accessories.

S&K’s mother company, Texwinca Inc., is a manufacturer of high-quality raw materials and textile. S&K products are made using these high-quality cloth in their own plants, making it possible for the brand to achieve a “high-end” quality product at a very reasonable price.

Since 1999, Samuel & Kevin has concentrated on designing jeans. Eight years of professional experience has enabled S&K to develop the best designs specifically for Asian people. In 2001, S&K launched the "8" jean series, which are specifically designed for Asian body types.

So, NOW is the time to try the new S&K jeans! SWAP your old jeans (any brand but still wearable) with get 50% off on with your new pair of stylish S&K Jeans! The good thing is that the old denims that S&K will collect will be donated to #YolandaPH survivors. 

This promo runs until Dec. 1, 2013 only, so head to S&K Shangri-la Plaza Mall now!


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