Saturday, October 12, 2013

Butterfly Twists Fashionable Foldable Rainboots

First, you were charmed by their pretty foldable ballet flats. Then you were offered to travel in style with the stylish foldable boots. Now, Butterfly Twists brings something new to the market with its foldable rain boots.

Let the rain bring it on and welcome it fashionably with Butterfly Twists' Windsor Wellington Boots. This new line from Butterfly Twists is really for keeps during rainy days, because you can pack these booties light with its waterproof carry bag. No need to worry on rainy days, with Butterfly Twists' Wellies you can be fashionable and waterproof rain or shine.

The Windsor rain boots are part of the Wellies family, which makes stepping out in the pouring rain more fashionably convenient. And what’s even better is that you can pack these booties light, as they can be rolled and stashed in a waterproof carry bag. 

When scattered rain showers start rushing in, keep your worries at bay by toting these wellies inside your bag. They come in super lightweight form, with an ultra comfy fit, plus a warm fleece lining. So you can wear your regular shoes when the sun is out, and just unroll away when the dark skies are in. 

Butterfly Twists brings fashion convenience to a whole new level whatever activity and season you’re in. It’s every trendy girl’s partner to make sure you’re equipped to stroll in different weather conditions. Available in Black, Grey, Blue or Green with contrasting neon soles and cuffs. 

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