Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zest-O Slice Fruit Juice Drinks

Zest-O is proud to announce its newest product namely Zest-O SLICE fruit juice drinks. Zest-O SLICE is a fruit juice drink that brings all the goodness of your yester-years into a delightful beverage that fits your modern lifestyle. 

Zest-O SLICE comes in 355ml bottle, just the right amount to quench your thirst and isn’t heavy on the pocket. It comes in four flavors - Orange, Dalandan, Grapple, and Mango Bursts.  The first two flavors - Orange and Dalandan are straight fruit flavors, a sure hit to Filipino consumers and have been formulated based on the 30 years of experience of Zest-O in providing quality fruit juices. The last two flavors - Grapple and Mango Bursts are mixed fruit flavors, playful and exciting new tastes.  Grapple is a combination of Grapes and Apple flavors, light and refreshing. Mango Bursts Flavor is a combination of Mango and Strawberry delighting the taste palates of choosy consumers. Do try them out!

Zest-O SLICE is also a good source of Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc that help boost your immune system. 

For more info, please visit facebook.com/ZestoSlice

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