Friday, August 2, 2013

Xtreme Magic Sing's New Affordable and Innovative Products

Xtreme Magic Sing has introduced a new lineup of products that is sure to delight and excite everyone who loves singing. Xtreme Magic Sing is constantly innovating to improve on its products and makes sure to regularly come out with new models.  High-tech yet very easy to use, Xtreme Magic Sing’s user-friendly interface allows anyone – from young kids to older folks to operate the device with ease.

Constantly innovating to improve on its products, Xtreme Magic Sing makes sure to regularly come out with new models that will surely be a hit. Currently there’s the Xtreme Magic Sing Diamond and Xtreme Magic Sing Karat (the most affordable), which are all loaded with the latest hit songs. 
These latest models also come with fun features such as the option to personalize picture and video background, watch movies or view photos. In addition to these, Xtreme Magic Sing has also launched its Xtreme Magic Sing Platinum HD model for another fun and exciting entertainment option for the whole family.

Offering the best sound and video quality, plus a host of other cool features, Xtreme Magic Sing is definitely well worth your money, as you’re able to get all the conveniences and fun features that most multimedia devices offer, in just one compact package. The latest models of Xtreme Magic Sing also offers HD Movie, personalized background, USB Flash drive HDD compatible, games, and more.

If you’re looking for some wholesome family fun, make sure to check out Xtreme Magic Sing in your favorite mall and get to experience for yourself what makes this entertainment gadget such a hit after all these years.

Available in all leading department stores and appliance centers nationwide (SM Appliance, Record Bars, Robinsons Appliances, Metro Gaisano, Ansons, etc.).

For any concerns or for more info, please call Xtreme Magic Sing's Sales Department at 726-2442 loc. 105

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