Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Melissa Shoes + Karl Lagerfeld: Fall Winter 2013

One of the biggest names in global fashion, designer Karl Lagerfeld, shares details of how it was to develop his first collaboration collection with a Brazilian brand, in this case, the beloved Melissa.

The iconic designer explained that, to create two exclusive styles and to dedicate his je ne sais quoi to another two existing styles, he had total creative freedom. He needed only to adapt himself to the small technical differences of producing in plastic.

Aside from being the first partnership with a Brazilian brand, it was also Lagerfeld’s debut experience in creating shoes entirely from this unusual material. Karl explained the differences: “I had never worked with plastic in this way before. It’s not the classic technique, I am used to working with more traditional techniques for Fendi, Chanel and Lagerfeld shoes. My inspiration was the native country of the brand, celebrating the Brazilian “joie de vivre”.

When asked if this partnership reflects all of his experience in fashion, the designer was emphatic: “I hope it will not reflect ‘decades of experience’ and have some freshness!” he adds: “I design footwear the same way I design clothes: with feeling. I express in my design, but what is not analyzed is what I design. I am not a marketing person.”

Lagerfeld explained that this partnership, which will continue for four capsule collections with Melissa, will help him to get to know Brazil and its industry better. Finally, when asked about who he would like to see wearing his creations, he stated: “A designer should never ask himself such a question”.

Here are the 4 collaborations of Melissa with Karl Lagerfeld for Fall Winter 2013:

Melissa Glam + Karl Lagerfeld
The Melissa Glam's shape has been the star of various Melissa collaborations. This season, under Karl Lagerfeld's vision, the shoe has been transformed into a futuristic- looking flat with an appliqué of half-spheres at the top. Very much in Lagerfeld's style, this is a stunning Melissa. Besides having a high fashion factor, this particular model is perfect to help intensify a long silhouette, made ever more so when paired with skinny jeans and Lagerfeld's masterly made, sleeveless, oversized silk shirts. For a glam touch, the glitterry versions are key to turning you into an It Girl By Karl.

Melissa Glam (pointy flats) at P3495

Melissa Incense + Karl Lagerfeld
In fashion, don't take anything too seriously. If you follow this piece of advice, you can free yourself up to play with different looks and bring together various references in a fresh way. That's what Melissa did for the Incense + Karl Lagerfeld shoe, which encourages good humor through the ice cream applied on the heel, transforming it into a surprise and innovative element of the outfit. Available in diverse glittered flavors, this model passes on the most fun and stylish message that you could give to those around you on gray winter days. Melissa Incense + Karl Lagerfeld presents the fun touch that the designer reserves for the special pieces in his collection. This style has a glitter application on the back side of the heel, which is in the shape of a shinny ice cream cone.

Melissa Incense (heels with ice cream) - P5999

Melissa Melissima + Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld is one of those designers who knows how to unite femininity with power and modern elegance. The Melissa Melissima + Karl Lagerfeld reflects this intersection in a harmonious and singular style. A medium-height stiletto, this model comes in matte or polished colors. It's one of those pieces that tops off any look, bringing with it the strong and authentic personality of the designer to Melissa fans.

Melissa Melissima (mid heels with two straps)  - P3895

Melissa Ginga
If Karl Lagerfeld were to define the Brazilian word "ginga," perhaps he'd say it's a tropical savoir faire that exists only in Brazil. But if he were to translate "ginga" into a fashion product, the result would be this kitten heel that contrasts curvy lines with a square front that's robust and powerful. The savoir is reflected in the two colorful stripes that run from the heel to the sole. Très chic. Melissa Ginga honors Brazil with a colour pallette inspired by the country native flag.

Melissa Ginga (heels with two stripes) - P5999

These will be available before the end of July 2013 at selected Geleia shops in TriNoma, SM Aura Premier, Edsa Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and Glorietta 5.

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