Sunday, April 7, 2013

This Summer, Live in Havaianas Color Inside and Out!

Looking around, it’s amazing to see a world so full of color and life. But all too often, we don’t realize that we are even more colorful and vibrant than the world around us. To say we live rich lives is an understatement; and to say that we are defined by just one color is an injustice. From feeling blue one day to being tickled pink the next, each day adds another colorful brush stroke to the amazing painting that we are. And with Havaianas, you can live life in full color both inside and out. 

Offering flip-flops in all the colors of the rainbow and then some, Havaianas understands that people live vividly hued lives. Human nature is dynamic, not static, and no one can be boxed in by just one color. As people live and love and move and act, they continue to add more layers to themselves – which are painted richer and brighter hues because of their experiences.

This summer, Havaianas invites you to celebrate life by embracing your vibrant and colorful self with the latest collection of new shades from the world’s most loved brand of flip-flops. This summer’s release of the now-ubiquitous Brazilian flip-flops features new colors for beloved Havaianas classics like Havaianas Top, Havaianas Top Mix, Havaianas Slim, Havaianas Brasil, Havaianas Brasil Logo, Havaianas Brasil Mix, and so much more the perfect companions to match every look, mood, or lifestyle as you continue to live summer every day of the year.

Havaianas aims to celebrate different facets of individuality with its latest summer collection. Each color in the Summer 2013 collection encourages people to live life in full color both inside and out by embodying certain attributes that make each and every person unique. Aside from classic White and Black, other stunning colors such as Amazonia, Marine Blue, Fuchsia and Lime Green are perfect for expressing your inner self through comfortable, and simple yet stylish flip-flops.

Havaianas believes that summer is not just a season – it is a state of mind that allows you to live freely and expressively, by embracing the many millions of colors that create the canvas of our lives. With the many styles and colors on offer, it allows you to make a strong or subtle fashion statement whether you’re stepping out to do groceries, digging your feet into the sand on a sunny beach or getting ready for a laid-back dinner or glamorous night on the town, there is a pair of Havaianas that is perfect for everybody, every day and every occasion.  Whatever your mood, you can always count on Havaianas to be your constant style companion this summer, because you deserve to live a colorful and exuberant life.

So this summer, live life in full Havaianas colors and express your colorful self both inside and out by grabbing a new pair of Havaianas in any of its exciting new colors!

Experience the summer vibe that never goes out of style with the world’s favorite rubber flip-flops brand, Havaianas. Take part in the Havaianas story and grab a pair now, available in Metro Manila at All Flip-Flops, Celio, Complex, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, J&S Surf Shop, KidSports, Manila Polo Club, Nail Spa, Ocean Front, Plana Forma, ROX, Rustan's, Stoked, Tick Tock Flip Flop NAIA Terminal 3, and Urban Athletics. For provincial outlets, visit

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