Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leg Up, The Secret to Healthy Leg is Out!

Filipinas now have a natural way to prevent many of the commonplace leg problems as Boehringer Ingelheim (Phil.) Inc. brings Antistax®, one of the world’s leading anti-varicose supplements, to the Philippines.

Antistax®, the first and only anti-varicose supplement in the local market, is the perfect synergy of nature and science in leg health management. It is proven safe and effective in helping strengthen and protect women’s legs from the inside out. It also helps restore and regenerate women’s natural mobility by preventing leg vein problems such as pain, heaviness (ngalay), swelling, and varicose veins.

“We are very pleased to introduce Antistax® to Filipinas who, like many women all over the world, value their legs not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their functional value. We know that healthy legs are important in order for them to live an active and quality life and we’re certain that Antistax can help them with that,” says Mely Guerrero, Group Brand Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim’s Consumer Healthcare Division.

This is a milestone for Filipinas who have been weighed down by these leg problems, unaware of the cause of their complaints. The complacency to address their leg issues stem from a clear misconception and lack of understanding about vein conditions. But Filipinas are not alone. In fact, a study conducted among 4,000 women from 4 different countries in Europe and Latin America reveals that nearly 25% of women experience leg pain. 16% did not consult anyone about their problem and another 14% spoke to friends and family rather than their doctor. Women’s leg issues are simply trivialized into an aesthetic rather than a functional concern because they are perceived to be not life-threatening.

However, leg complaints are not a problem by themselves. In fact, these leg problems may already be early warning signs of a progressive vein disease called Chronic Venous Insufficiency. If left ignored, this condition can have a significant impact on the legs’ function, thereby, affecting one’s mobility.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is a condition where leg veins are already weak and damaged, preventing them from pumping blood back to the heart. Apart from leg pain and appearance of varicose veins, it manifests through symptoms like skin changes, itching and swelling. CVI is also more common among women than men. Other risk factors include heredity, age, weight, pregnancy and prolonged sitting/standing. These signs are compounded by a lifestyle that puts undue pressure on the legs.

The key to preventing varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency is to improve blood circulation in the leg area. Good thing there is Antistax® to provide leg vein protection. Dubbed as a leg vein specialist, Antistax® is made with natural red vine leaf extract, which is known to contain a unique ingredient called bio-active Flaven™. The red vine leaf extract is made from a special variety of grape leaves which are carefully harvested and processed to ensure that the bio-active Flaven™ content is the same for each tablet.

Bio-active Flaven™ is a potent combination of flavonoids which have been scientifically proven to improve blood circulation in the legs, thus preventing common leg vein problems of heavy, achy, tired and swollen legs. It acts by repairing and protecting the vein walls to fight against the damaging process of this vein disease.

Through Antistax®, women can now do this without resorting to costly and invasive procedures as injections or surgery. With just one tablet a day, women can now take the first step in caring for their legs’ health.

To celebrate the launch of Antistax® in the Philippines, Boehringer Ingelheim  commissioned five Filipina photographers to showcase photos that capture gorgeous legs of women in various shapes, sizes, and situations. Titled Legs for Life, the exhibit aims for women to understand and appreciate that beautiful legs are legs that are healthy and capable of bringing delight to people with every stride.  More photos on Antistax Launch HERE, courtesy of Sisters In Style.

With Antistax®, women will no longer have to worry about experiencing leg pains and problems, and instead continue being their active self and engage in life more with their healthy, beautiful legs.

Check to know more about legs, leg problems and how to protect our legs.

Antistax® is a product of Boehringer Ingelheim (Philippines), Inc. and is available in all leading pharmacies and drugstores nationwide. No approved therapeutic claims.

/Press Release Provided by Antistax®


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