Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Big Workshop: One-Day International MBA at Enderun

The BIG Workshop:
A One Day International MBA for a Fraction of the Cost

We live in a world where numbers count, especially where time and money are concerned. While an MBA degree is generally regarded as beneficial, the way to go about getting one can be time-consuming and expensive. On the average, it takes about two years to complete and will cost P200,000 at the minimum and millions more when it comes from a prestigious school.

But more than an MBA degree, the most beneficial skill to have today is innovation. In any company or organization, the ability to innovate is much needed for growth and performance – it is the key for success. With many companies competing for the same products, services and market, innovation is what will make one stand out from the rest. We need to think business, think innovation, think global. This is the main thesis of inernationally-renowned Business Acumen and Innovation facilitator, Professor Robert Eng of Techmark. He spearheads The BIG Workshop, a 1-day program that gives all the benefits of an MBA experience at the fraction of a cost.

The BIG Workshop is different because it is set up as a game. Participants are organized into teams and fill different roles in a company. They have an opportunity to think and act like a CEO or other position for a day, and get real life learning about how each part of the company can work better with the other. The workshop simulates real life situations and since the teams compete with each other too, it provides a fun learning experience.

Following a successful December launch, this “1-day MBA” is a once in a lifetime opportunity, guaranteed to transform people into serous business practitioners with an edge of Innovation. Past participants have benefitted greatly and report significant results. Randell Tiongson, a well-known Finance Coach, said “ A revolutionary and yet a practical way to learn about business innovation. It’s like attending an MBA crash course, but definitely in a more fun way.” The CEO of Theorem LLC, Mr. Marvin Galang also attended and said, “Experience and decipher real life business challenges in five hours. Simply innovative!”

Techmark’s Professor Robert Eng consults in the areas of high techonology marketing and business in Greater China and has been founder or a member of the board of directors for several American and Chinese start-up companies. He is a professor of Marketing at Babson College in Massachusetts, USA. This will be his second time in Manila and will hopefully be coming back more often to teach Filipinos the value of Innovation. 

The BIG Workshop will be held on March 13, 2013 at Enderun College at McKinley Hill at the Fort and is being produced by BusinessWorks, Inc. Its Chairman, Anothony Pangilinan attended the same workshop in China and attested to its benefits. He said, “Without doubt, the most powerful program I’ve seen that transforms every professional and executive into a serious and competent business practitioner – a one day international MBA!”

For more information, please get in touch with BusinessWorks, Inc. via Chesa Jaleco at 823-5978, 0917-8444766 or email bwi.techmark@gmail.com.

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