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Art in The Park 2013: an Affordable Art Fair

Art In The Park, an Affordable Art Fair
March 16, 2013, Saturday
2:00 pm to 12:00 midnight
Jaime Velasquez Park
Salcedo Village, Makati City

On Saturday, March 16, 2013, from 2 pm to 12 midnight Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati City will once again bustle with excitement at the Museum Foundation’s annual affordable art fair, Art In The Park.

Originally envisioned as a way to introduce wider audiences to Philippine contemporary art by providing them with an occasion to view art in a relaxed setting, Art In The Park has become much more than that. It has become a community activity where people come initially to peruse the stalls with the intent of purchasing art; but end up lingering because of the atmosphere – the food, the drinks, the conversations and the friends.

Of course the main attraction of the fair is the art. Where else can you go to see more than 40 galleries all offering art for P30,000 or less? There is something for everyone. There are illustrations, paintings and drawings for children, and there are collectible toys for the young at heart. There are wonderful still lifes and landscapes, sculpture and photography, and the most cutting edge of contemporary art. Artfully repurposed furniture, pottery and jewellery are also available to those who like to be able to use their art pieces. The galleries are there for those who want to buy and browse and there are art installations all over the park for those who just want a nice afternoon in the park.

One of the greatest draws to the fair is the opportunity to pick up reasonably priced artworks by artists that are so in demand that there are waiting lists for those who want to buy their works as soon as their exhibitions open. They have seen what Art In The Park is about and they support it. They are happy to make new works that fall under the price cap of the fair – it gives them an opportunity to work with different materials, perhaps make smaller more intimate pieces. This is what is great about Art in the Park, it is a day that buyers, artists and gallerists all look forward to. It’s not just about the selling but providing people with a friendly experience of art. Some galleries even create special themes for their booths, and commission their artists to make new works for it.

It is perhaps the best, most accessible cultural event of the year, where artists, writers, cultural workers, photographers, musicians, art students, fashion students and families who just want an interesting afternoon and evening out, all congregate. As the sun sets, the frenzied buying of the early afternoon calms down and people settle down to listen to live music, have cocktails, catch up with each other and talk about their finds of the day. It is a most delightful way to spend one Saturday every year; definitely something for everyone to look forward to.
Art in The Park Layout

Galleries participating in the fair this year are:

98B COLLABoratory
Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang I.n.K.)
Art Informal
Art Verite Gallery
Art Wednesday
Avellana Art Gallery
Boston Art Gallery
Contemporary Cebu
Espasyo Siningdikato
FEATI University School of Fine Arts
FEU Institute of Architecture & Fine Arts
Galeria de las Islas
Galerie Artes
Galerie Astra
Gallery Frames
Gallery Orange
Kulay Art Group
L’Arc en Ciel Gallery
Mendez Big and Small Art Co.
Metro Gallery
Mighty Bhutens
Neo-Angono Artists Collective Inc.
Nineveh Artspace
Parokyano ng Malabon
Pete Jimenez
Potters Group
Ral Arrogante
Resurrection Furniture & Found Objects Gallery
Secret Fresh
Studio 1616
Tin-Aw Art Gallery
TUP Fine Arts
Tutok Art Core, Inc.
UST College of Fine Arts and Design
Vinyl on Vinyl
Young Artists’ Studio

Since it is a Filipino affair, there is of course a lot of delicious food – Bagnet Sandwiches from Bale Dutung, snacks from Window’s CafĂ©, Rafik Wagyu Shawarma and Pizza di Grazzia, Sweets from Pinkberry and Nic’s Gourmet Desserts and refreshments from the Straights Wine Company.

For more info, please visit In The Park.

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