Thursday, February 21, 2013

Caracol 2013 at Circuit Makati

Caracol 2013, the official festival of Makati City will be held on February 24, 2013 Sunday at 4pm at the newly-opened Circuit Makati in Barangay Carmona, the city’s newest urban entertainment development.

Catch the graceful Caracol dancers in colorful costumes as they vie for the championship of the annual street dance competition.

Caracol Festival is Makati’s own Mardi Gras, where hundreds of students and residents dressed in colourful, nature-inspired costumes perform dances to the beat of retro, classical and modern pop music as they pay homage to Mother Nature.

Caracol, Spanish term for snail, refers to the ‘shell’ that people carry around as a shield against life’s harsh realities, so the celebration calls for people to forget their troubles and be merry.  It was conceptualized in 1986 and ushered in the Fiesta Islands Program of the Department of Tourism in 1989. Since then, the festival has been excitedly awaited by city residents and visitors alike, including foreign tourists.

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