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TIPS on How to Dress Like a Celebrity on a Red Carpet

Sofia Vergara in Michael Cinco gown

Wondering how to choose the perfect dress for your Prom and Valentine's Parties? Here are great tips from my guest writer, Mary James.

It is always exciting to choose the perfect evening dress. It has been our dream to dress like a celebrity  donning a gown or dress on the red carpet. But along with the excitement, it can be equally time consuming.  It needs you to do sufficient research on the current trends in order to stay updated. For the women, it is not only important to choose the right kind of dress, but also the perfect shoes, makeup, hair and other accessories that will complete her red carpet look. If the right planning is done, then it is never difficult for a woman to find the right carpet dress.

The ideal evening dress depends quite a bit on the season in which the event is being held, the time and also the venue. The dresses that are preferred for being worn in winter are typically long. The dresses that are bright in color are chosen for being worn in summer and spring. However, it has often been noticed that some celebrities do like to break the norms and style themselves in their own way.

Detailed Discussion on Red Carpet Dresses

The color of the dress helps to enhance the elegant look of the dress. Although it is true that there are certain wild colors that can be carried off in glamorous fashion, it is always wise to avoid tacky colors that do not go well with the style of your dress. Green, bright blue, pale or soft yellow, white and light pink are colours that are extremely popular in summer and spring. The popular winter colors include brown, black, navy blue, grey and gold.

Red carpet events of the modern times have a lot of glamour, sophistication and elegance involved in it. In order to keep parity with that elegance, it is important for women to choose such gowns that will go well with the type of their bodies. Most designers make remarkable dresses for women who have slender and sleek bodies and also for those who have curvaceous bodies. When you are looking for a sophisticated dress, it does not always mean that you need to sacrifice on the comfort element. It is very much important for the women to choose such dresses in which they are extremely comfortable.

Gowns are a very popular choice for red carpet events. Gowns are strapless, flowing, long, form-fitting, jaw-dropping and sexy. There are many other ways in which you can make a statement in a party other than flaunting an unorganized look. You can go for dresses that have a lot of embellishments on them. Sparkle fabrics, ruffles and jewel accents are some of the most preferred embellishments on red carpet gowns.

After you have chosen the right dress, you need to make sure that you have the perfect accessories and a great hairstyle. There are many options in accessories and hairstyles and you need to choose the one that suits you the most. The jewelry you choose should go well with your dress and should also reflect a sense of luxury.

Author’s bio - Mary James is a professional writer for Wedding Jewelry and Pearl Jewelry. She has a vast experience in writing articles on fashion and beauty and related topics. 

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