Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mori Creations: Mori Notes & Keeps

The beginning of the year signals the start of a planning period...that's why planners and journals are must-haves.  However, it will be a lot better if your journals are functional and one-of-a-kind, right? And, what about a Pursebook?

Mori Notes reinvents the way you journal.  It is the first-ever producer of Pursebook that blends the function of a notebook and the function of a purse together. It has a generous amount of pages (196 in total) and a compartment where you can place your pens, scissors, rulers, money and even your cellphone in. The pursebook is just as stylish as it is functional. The sky is the limit for its theme and design...a sailor theme, Chinese theme, classic monotone theme, country style theme, etc. What's even better is that the products are made from recycled jeans and recycled papers, and carefully crafted by women. 

Mori means “God teaches” in Hebrew. Mori Notes celebrates life with designs that embody a concern for nature and with craftsmanship perfected in a loving home.  The Mori Notes journals are built using strong and sturdy recycled denim and "repurposed" fabrics enabling it to overcome every wear and tear.  Mori Notes pursebooks feature rough cut pages and hand sewn signatures that make these journals stand out among the rest. Thick blank sheets of clean white paper are meticulously sewn to its denim cover, providing a quiet space for young people to express their thoughts and ideas.

Each pursebook is beautifully designed to reflect a distinct character and personality. From a quirky doodle to a polka-dotted cover, Mori Notes is the perfect journal for various individuals such as the creative college student, the curious journalist, the adventurous barkada, and many more. Every design captures a unique life story, making it a perfect canvas for one’s personal journey.

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Mori Cases and Keeps:
Every woman needs a stylish case for some items that they keep dearly. Mori Creations has created fab functional and protective holders for things ranging from jewelries, pencils to sanitary napkins.  

For inquiries, please contact: Mitzi Uy at +63922.8898388 or  You can also find Mori Notes on

I will start a blog giveaway of Mori Notes and Keeps in a few days, so please watch out for it.

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