Sunday, December 16, 2012

Parklean Crew Waterless Carwash

Caring for the environment is receiving a lot of attention lately.  From those rules about establishments using only cardboard boxes, paperbags, and reusable bags in some cities in Metro Manila, to celebrating events like Earth Hour.  There’s also a lot of growing attention on how typical modes of transport, such as cars, are not very environment-friendly. They say that because of the fossil fuels used in gasoline, as well as the exhaust, cars aren’t an eco-friendly mode of transport.

But, the thing is, most of us still have - and need - cars. You probably have one. And this may leave you feeling guilty.  The good news is that there are things that we can do to help the environment even if we own a car.  Aside from regularly maintaining your car and switching to the new eco-friendly fuels, you can also change the way you keep your car clean.

First, let us discuss a few of the disadvantages of a regular car wash:

  • Washing a car wastes a lot of water. Do you own a medium-sized car or one of those large SUV’s? Depending on your car size you would be using as much as 20 to 40 gallons on average every time you have a car wash.
  • Regular carwashes typically use soaps and other cleaning solutions which are NOT environment-friendly.
  • You drive all the way to the car wash service shop, using up your precious fuel for both going there and coming back.
  • Cleaning time at the carwash shop would run up to 45 minutes to more than an hour - not to mention the time you have to spend waiting in line.
  • The water runoff and dirt runoff tend to be messy and unsightly after the cleaning.
What can you do? You may want to check out Parklean Crew Waterless Carwash. It uses up zero water, uses eco-friendly cleaners, cleans faster than the usual, doesn’t leave water and dirt on your parking spot.  And they do home service!

How does Parklean Crew do this magic, you may ask? It’s all in the ingredients of the environmentally safe cleaning products and how they work together. To clean your car without water, Parklean Crewmen go to your condo garages armed with only their cleaning solutions and two wipes—no buckets, no gallons of water, no hose, and no toxic car shampoo needed.

Now, here's your chance to get a free, eco-friendly waterless carwash!

Manila Shopper readers living in Makati are getting a chance to try out Parklean Crew’s waterless, eco-friendly, home delivery carwash services - for FREE.

How to get your free carwash:
1) Click here to send them a message on their Facebook Page saying “I want to try your waterless carwash!”

2) “Like!” their page if you want to get more discounts in the future. (optional)

Don’t forget to say that you’re a Manila Shopper reader!

Note: "Guest-posted" by Coy of Parklean


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