Friday, December 7, 2012

Muni Pop-Up Shop 2012: A Christmas SALE for Cultural Creatives

Come and join the Muni Pop-Up Shop 2012, a Christmas Sale on Dec. 8, 2012 from 11am to 6pm at Moonleaf Tea Shop, Maginhawa Street Teacher's Village, Quezon City.  This event raises awareness about conscious consumption, and so, the event gathers a few creative individuals selling pre-loved items, and also brands/companies offering locally-made or eco-friendly gifts options for the more conscious consumer, while building our community of Cultural Creatives.  This allows shoppers to shop with minimal guilt and network with new people!

Conscious consumption is when people are mindful of the impact of their consumption on the planet and their surrounding community. It starts with people re-evaluating what is truly essential in their lives, and what is needless clutter. It makes consumers reconsider: Do I really need this in my life? Can I purchase this second-hand?  If I need to buy something brand new, whom does it help, how sustainable is the production of the product, and how do I dispose of it when I’m done with it?

When we ask ourselves these questions before we consume, it allows us to live our lives more simply, do more with less, save money and minimize our carbon footprint! Conscious consumers then find themselves supporting more organic produce, and local / independent businesses and visiting more garage sales, flea markets or second-hand shops.

Muni PH is powered (sustainably!) by the idea that individually musing on how we live our lives and rethinking our actions can help minimize our impact on the environment while maximizing our impact in our communities.

They don’t intend to shove ideas down people’s throats. All they want to do is present people with more options to live better, or at least more mindfully.  They plan to do this by sharing easy-to-digest articles, advice and tips on mindful living, or truly holistic wellness, not just for the individual, but also for the community and the planet, delivered in a non-intimidating manner for newbies to this “alternative” lifestyle.

They'll also be showcasing individuals, groups or brands that they believe in and would like to support, and who they feel you could learn or take inspiration from as well.

Muni PH aims to bring Cultural Creatives together to share ideas & stories and discuss issues to help in building a community of more mindful (read: not zombie-/droid-like) individuals.  Many entrepreneurs, writers, artists, musicians, alternative health care providers and other professionals fall under the designation of Cultural Creative. These are individuals who value unconventional ideas, action, authenticity, community and positive change – be it through support for the arts and cultural preservation, personal and societal wellness, environmental conservation, and the like.

When individual dreamers come together, making personal lifestyle changes together, there is no doubt in our minds that great things can happen, and that we can move our own social circles, and then maybe our communities, and maybe the world.

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