Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea: Personalized DVD, Books & Cartoons from

Looking for a perfect gift for the little star in your life, or for your favorite inaanak? Check out  It offers personalized books, music and cartoons for kids. They make every child feel special by making him or her the star of the story, whether through hardbound books, storybook CDs, music albums or cartoons.  It is one gift that lasts!

All the products are educational, age-appropriate, and they teach positive values to young kids. Most of all, they are fun! Also available are Christian books and well as famous characters like Barney, Care Bears, The Fantastic Four,  Spiderman and the Muppets.

Why is this a great gift idea?

1. They have DOWNLOADABLE MUSIC & CARTOONS that you can send to children who are out of town. If you are overseas, you can still send gifts to your favorite little ones and save on freight costs.

2. You may also purchase E-GIFT CERTIFICATES. Just pay for the GC's, give them the email of the parents of the child and they will do the rest. This is good if you are not sure what item the child will like. It's also perfect for gift-givers who are overseas and who want to send gifts to their kids, brothers, sisters or inaanaks in the Philippines.

3. They also have PARTY PACKAGES.  You can choose one music CD in their album as a give-away for your party and make your little guests feel special. They will set up a booth complete with attractive streamers to add zest and sizzle to your party.  Just tell them 1 or 2 months early to make sure you get a slot.

4. They ship nationwide and even worldwide!

5. They offer discounts for bulk orders.  Do check their Christmas Promo HERE.

6. What's great about is that they have the cheapest personalized books, music and cartoons in the market.  Their personalized books start at P695. The personalized music album is just P695 and the personalized cartoons start at P795. Their MP3 downloads for the music albums is P100 cheaper than getting the CD. Price is only P595....perfect for the budget-conscious!

Check out more info HERE.
For inquiries, please call 4000-787 / 7107478 / 0922-8523552 / 0922-8011211
For further info, please visit or

Watch this video to have an idea of how a great gift this will be!

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