Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Nike Flyknit - One of Best Inventions for 2012

The new Nike Flyknit is one of Time's Best Inventions for 2012.  By knitting thread into a single layer to fit around your foot—instead of cutting and sewing together multiple materials—Nike not only made this sneaker lighter (just 160 grams) but also gave it a precision fit: the weave alternately grips and gives despite the absence of liners or reinforcements. And the most important thing is that it uses less waste in its manufacturing process, thus making it eco-friendly.

Check out these videos illustrating how awesome Nike Flyknit is!

Nike Flyknit is sold at P6,995 and is now available at Nike Park Stadium BGC.
Shall I buy this as a Christmas gift to myself or shall I wait for it to go on sale?
Hmmm, I think it will take sometime before Nike offers this on sale :)

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