Friday, October 26, 2012

Membership Shopping Websites: Brandsfever & AVA

Have you heard of members-only shopping websites?  Well, in other countries (like in the U.S.) these sites have been around for a couple of years now.  The Private Sale Sites' or Members-Only online shopping clubs’ tag line is to offer huge discounts on branded or designer brands / products for a fraction of the manufacturer’s retail price.  Most of these sites simply purchase excess inventory or off-season items directly from the manufacturer and then just add a little mark up to make a profit.  And since they buy excess or off-season inventories, the brand and/or manufacturer actually benefits from these sites.  It doesn't compromise the integrity of their brand because of the "exclusive nature" of the members-only sites.  The discounted offers also attract new customers to the brand, those who will hopefully someday pay the full retail price. 

For customers (or what they call, members), it's a low-cost way to enter into the world of high-end fashion.  And, who doesn't want to buy a branded product at a great discount, with just a click of a mouse!

In the Philippines, there are 2 members-only sites that I know - Brandsfever and

Both these sites feature daily online sale events for a limited period of time (or until sold out).  The difference between a group-buying site and a members-only shopping site is that members-only sites don't need to meet a certain volume (or quantity) to be able to offer the sale other words, the deal is always ON, and there's no third party involved.  Brandsfever sells international brands only while AVA sells international and local brands, as well.  

Before each sale event, a sale notification is sent to its existing members through email and publishes the sale event details on social media such as facebook, and twitter daily.  The sale event lasts for a limited time only or until sold out.

The online membership community concept is simple: members can invite their friends, and membership is free.  Existing members can send invitations to their friends from the members area on the website, or share their personal invitation link on social media channels. For each friend invite, they give store credits (which one can use to make a purchase) after the invited friend makes his/her own purchase.

Some fine prints you need to know before buying from these sites: 
1)   Check the return policy:  Some offer only store credits, no cash back.
2)   Shipping cost:  Shipping cost turn me off! So you need to check if they charge shipping on top of your purchase and you need to add it to your total purchase price.
3)  Some say that exclusive isn’t always really exclusive because anyone is granted membership easily or anyone can sign up. 
4)  You really need to check on the prices being offered. Even if they say that they are offering an item for 70% or 80% off, it may even be more expensive or just comparable with what the stores and malls offer!  Everytime there's a featured sale on a brand, it's always wise to check the price either online or from stores here (but most of the time they are not available here)...just to confirm if the price really is a good one.

I have been checking on these sites for more than a year now, but haven't bought anything.  But this week, I think I may be able to. The brands are getting more exciting...and prices, reasonable!  

 Croton Watches (being worn by celebs like
Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus) for only P4k

 Kenneth Cole Handbags for P3,349 only!
I've already checked the prices online and these ones
are reasonable...might be able to buy  :)

Check these out on or
 BCBG Max Azria dress for P4,299 only (only 2 items left!)
And you get a chance to win a Chanel Bag!

You want to try shopping from these sites?

For Brandsfever, you can become a member by signing up HERE as Manila Shopper's friend.

For AVA, it's easier to sign up...just enter your email address HERE.

Have you tried shopping from these sites?  Can you share your feedback before I make my purchase? 

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