Sunday, October 14, 2012

Citibank Credit Card Offers Protection from Unauthorized Use

Safeguard your credit card from unauthorized use   
Citi Card Protection offers higher insurance coverage at low premium rates

Protect yourself from unauthorized use of your credit card. At a very affordable premium, you can spare yourself of the worry and hassle that comes with losing a credit card or if you fall prey to identity theft.

For only P895 a year, you can get higher insurance coverage with Citi Card Protection for your Citibank Credit Card. You can reimburse losses worth up to P40,000 for every unauthorized transaction and a maximum of P200,000 per year.

You don’t have to panic if you find out that your credit card is suddenly gone. By enrolling it to Citi Card Protection, you can recover losses from fraudulent transactions that occurred 48 hours before reporting a lost credit card.   

The Citi Card Protection also has you covered if you encounter transactions you did not make because your personal information has been stolen. Citibank cardholders can reimburse losses from misuse of a credit card due to identity theft reported within 30 days from the statement date.

The Citi Card Protection is available to all Citibank Credit Cards. The annual premium will be charged to the Citibank Credit Card you enroll and also covers your supplementary cards.

The coverage is automatically renewed every year to make sure that your credit card is continuously protected. To claim your benefit, Citibank cardholders can contact the 24-hour CitiPhone at (02) 995-9999 while Citibank Savings credit cardmembers can call (02) 995-1888.

In case of card loss or you discover you have been a victim to identity theft, report this immediately to Citibank through the 24-hour CitiPhone. For more information on Citi Card Protection, visit    

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