Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amazing Sagada

When it comes to nature tripping, trekking and spelunking adventures, Sagada should be on top of your list.  Everyone could easily be captivated by its lush, green mountains, distinct pine trees and cool, fresh air.  Indeed, Sagada is one of the most beautiful and enthralling places here in the Philippines.

A little bit of history:  The name Sagada came about when a group of Spanish soldiers coming from Besao met a man, who was carrying a bamboo basket for catching fish, near Danum Lake. The soldiers asked the man what the name of the next place was. Thinking that they were asking what he was carrying, the man answered, "sagada". From then on the settlement of Biag (known as the founder of Sagada) went down on Spanish records as Sagada. (source: nscb.gov.ph)
One of the most popular attractions – the Sagada Hanging coffins.  The coffins were made from carved wood, hallowed out from a tree trunk.  They were carefully stacked, arranged and suspended into the mountain rocks through the use of beams, to prevent the bodies from being taken by beasts and bring the deceased closer to heaven.

These amazing rock formations inside Sumaguing Cave are among the Philippines’ most intensive and spectacular wonders.  Each of them has names...

Spelunking at Sagada is, I may say, an amazing adventure which you need to experience at least once in your lifetime.  To get the most out of your spelunking experience, a proper attire is suggested...please check saggas.net/spelunking-attire.

But please be aware of what was written at the cave entrance:
photo from a friend
"These Caves are Kabunyans gift for Sagadians and all lovers of beauty and nature.  Remember, these wonders are millions of years old.  Men was born only yesterday.  We therefore have no right to destroy these legacies.  Our duty is to protect and preserve them"

You can choose your own adventure at Sagada.  So, the first thing you need to do as soon as you arrive Sagada is to visit the Sagada Tourism Office located at the town proper.  Make sure to get a tour guide (don’t worry, fees are just minimal), as well.  

Click the posters for a bigger view.

The posters indicate the adventure tours and things you can do at Sagada and the corresponding fees.

I found these sites very helpful:

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