Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Robert Powers' Bloggers Break

 We were invited to John Robert Powers' Bloggers Break last month and two of my contributors attended this event.  Let me share you their experience...
As a child, thinking about what I want to do when I grow up usually took most of my time. Televisions and movies provided me with a wide range of career types to choose from. Once I got over my wanting to be a fairy princess and things like that, I started admiring a particular type of working people. What intrigued me more than finding the right term to call them was finding the reason why I wanted to be like them.

As I grew up and became more acquainted with other people, things got a lot clearer and I was able to put thoughts into words easier. I realized that what caught my attention as a child and what I continuously admire about those people was not what they do but it was more on how they carry themselves. I never had the chance to ask them what their jobs were nor what they do but still, the little me wanted to be like them. It must have been how they walked across the street or how they talked to other people that attracted me. And that is how I definitely want to be.

Having that confidence and the right attitude needed for that kind of image is not an overnight thing.  I read and watched various tutorials about it but they all seemed not enough. Dressing for success is kinda easy thing for me because of my love for fashion, but acting the part is an exactly different thing.

John Robert Powers Manila (JRP) held an event called Bloggers Break and we were one of the lucky bloggers invited to attend. Without any second thoughts, I confirmed my participation immediately. Who in the world would want to miss this opportunity?!  Well, definitely not me!

Bloggers Break was held at John Robert Powers Makati facility. The event was basically a free 2-hr Visual Poise session. Bingo! Exactly what I needed!

When I entered the training room, I instantly noticed a very fine lady whose aura was really hard to ignore.  She moved with utmost finesse and poise. After a few minutes of waiting, we were introduced to the lady, Ms. Rosky Balahadia Hilado, instructor of JRP and she taught us the three fundamentals on Visual Poise, Social and Business Etiquette:  
1. Proper standing posture
2. Different hand positions (when standing) and hand movement (when walking)
3. Walking with grace

I’ve always thought that I have no problems with the three mentioned above but I was wrong.  We did a few “laps” of walking and Ms. Rosky gave each of us some points for improvement.  She said that my arms swing too much when I walk and then she taught me how to improve on it.  She taught us how to look confident, sophisticated and my favorite, how to look thinner instantly just by standing properly.  I know... just wow!

Before we said our goodbyes, Ms. Rosky told us one important thing and that is to keep practicing.  She emphasized that we should keep in mind all the things that we learned and to “Practice, practice, practice!” all the time.

I couldn’t help but be amazed just by how much the 2-hr session has changed me. I feel more confident now about myself. The next time I meet important people I wouldn’t be so clueless with how I should act around them. Finally!

All these, thanks to John Robert Powers!

For more details or info on the courses they offer, please do contact them at any of the following JRP branches:

John Robert Powers Makati
4Flr Casmer Blg, 195 Salcedo St. Legaspi, Village, Makati
tel no. 829-9511

John Robert Powers Quezon City
Ground Flr. Cinderella Blg., 825 Edsa Quezon City
Tel No. 927-0465

John Robert Powers Alabang
2Flr. JJACCIS Blg., 1208 Acacia Avenue, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel No. 659-0052

LIKE them on or you may visit for more info.

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  1. hi i noticed that all of you are wearing miniskirts, is this a coincidence or a requirement before attending the class?