Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CNN's feature on UNIQLO, Mar2012

I hope you were able to watch Andrew Steven's interview with Uniqlo's founder, Mr. Tadashi Yanai at CNN's Talk Asia last week.  If not, here's an excerpt...

You can also check this link =>

Here are some of the few things I learned from the interview:

1)  UNIQLO (short for Unique Clothing) has more than 1,000 stores in 12 currently the largest clothing retailer in Japan and 4th in the world...and aims of becoming the largest clothing retailer in the world, overtaking Zara of Spain, America's Gap, and Sweden's H&M.  

2)  UNIQLO plans to open a staggering 200-300 stores per year.  The expansion goals will be focused in Asia - Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China and of course, he indicated the opening of UNIQLO in the Philippines this year!  Mr. Yanai knows that there is huge potential in Asian market....and even noted that the Asian market will be similar to Europe and US in the near future.

3)  Mr. Yanai also reiterated UNIQLO's mission, "Made For All"... and affordable to all!
4)  And last but not the least, Mr. Yanai stressed that their clothing lines are made for mixing and matching, giving people a choice to have their own style and individuality.

Well, this just got me more excited over UNIQLO's opening at Mall of Asia in June!  Watch out for more posts on this!

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