Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mega's Young Designers Competition 2012 Feb 11 update

Adding the Elegance and Style for a Stunning Evening Gown

As another shock, The MEGA Young Designers Competition (YDC) gave a challenge different from the usual aesthetic of each designer.

A break from the challenges, a relaxing and fun trip to the Manila Ocean Park was awarded to the remaining designers. It was a wonderful experience that had the challengers forget about the impending challenge ahead.

Fashion mentor Angela Alarcon met with the designers after their break to introduce them to a key person who will serve as the guest mentor on their latest challenge.

2006 YDC finalist Veejay Floresca is one of the most sought after designer of this generation. Veejay has already received both local and international awards, proving his passion and talent on his craft.  It was a pleasant reunion as one of the most successful YDC alumna shares his insights and experience to the aspiring new faces of the competition.

The remaining designers were tasked to produce evening gowns. As always, the designers were surprised to hear the new challenges as some of them have little or no experience in creating evening gowns. It was a big deviation from their normal look but they need to wow the judges with their creation.
Two designers will once more be eliminated as only six designers will be given the chance to show a finale collection. As the competition inches closer to the last episode, everyone grows more and more anxious to know the last designer standing.

Who will be the grand winner on the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2012?

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