Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mis Cosas Crayola Carry Alls , a stylish eco-bag!

Have you ever experienced shopping for groceries in a big supermarket chain on a Wednesday without your own bag?  Well, it was so difficult because if you didn’t want to pay for a plastic bag (like me), the bagger would give you just 2 options: one, to use a paper bag (which is not strong enough for wet and heavy loads...besides, paper bags are not actually a better option if you really wanted to go green) or two, use a carton (yak! do you want to carry a carton while shopping?)! 

Good thing, I found this cute reusable eco-friendly bag.  Mis Cosas (a Spanish term for “my stuff”  or “my things”) Crayola Carry Alls eco-bag offers both style and durability....fashionable enough (they don’t look cheap unlike other eco-bags available in departments stores and tiangges) that I can carry them to any store or any mall, and durable enough to hold heavy loads i.e. all my shopping stuff :)

Available in vibrant colors, the bag has 15”H x 25”W x 6”D dimension, folds into a 6” x 6” pouch with a 7” wristlet ... so handy that I can toss it in my bag for some “shopping emergencies” (which I normally have:)) hence, it is definitely an essential kit, a must-have for a shopaholic like me :) 

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Disclaimer:  Manila Shopper is not in any way connected with Mis Cosas.  A bag was received just for review purposes.

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