Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mega Fashion Crew Season2 The Grand Finale

Sixty contenders originally battled it out for the race to become MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew. The ending is near and the final challenges will play the most crucial role in the lives of the contestants. The last ten has bested all the past challenges but only 5 will be chosen. For the final two challenges, the contestants have to release all their creativity and efforts to win.

Fashion Army 
The two remaining teams have to first produce a motion editorial. The photographers have to execute their ideas not just in print, but through a video that will establish their edge. The fashion stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists have to produce the look that will work and highlight the photographer’s vision. Last, the model must not just pose for the camera but act out the scenes to complete the motion editorial.

The final challenge is one of the main highlights that will solidify one’s mark in the fashion industry. The team will be tasked to produce a MEGA magazine cover. Being the best fashion magazine, it has always been a great pressure to put together the look of the cover. The cover must convey the content and feel of the entire magazine. The challengers will know first-hand what it takes and what must be done to perfectly execute the glossy cover of a magazine.

This is the final episode that everyone shouldn’t miss!

Everyone has witnessed the struggles and triumphs of everyone through all the challenges. Still, friendships and bonds were formed in the course of the competition. Their skills have been tested with their creativity improved. Now, it all boils down to the final judgment for the last ten finalists.

The question is, who makes the final cut to becoming MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew?

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