Friday, September 16, 2011

Mega Fashion Crew Season2 Sept 16 2011 Update


The street provides the setting for this week’s challenge. Like avenues and streets in the urban jungle, challengers must find their way around twists and turns to reach their goal. Working with the theme “High Street Fashion”, challengers will be faced with a lot of firsts in this episode.

Aspiring Mega Fashion Crew contestants will have to face their newest challenge yet.

50th Avenue at Robinson’s Galleria partners with the Mega Fashion Crew. The challenge proves to be a stressful but special feat as teams will be working on the first anniversary ad campaign of 50th Avenue. The final looks will be featured at 50th Avenue’s display window. Challengers will conceptualize to show their take on high street fashion.
One of the teams tries to get the perfect shot
along the streets of Makati.

A first in the competition, teams will be doing the photo shoots on the streets. Watch to see how the contestants work through the uncontrolled environment outdoors. The team that survives shooting on the city streets will emerge as the victors for this challenge.

As another first, the guest mentor will double as the guest judge. In this challenge, high street fashion will determine who stays and who leaves. Those who find the right route are deserving to still be in the race to be Mega’s Top Fashion Crew.

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