Friday, September 30, 2011

Mega Fashion Crew Season2 Episode10

  Exuding Beauty in Threes

Hype is building as the remaining teams feel the pressure to prove that they should be MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew. As a final twist last episode, no teams were eliminated during the last challenge. But for this week, good will not be enough.

The teams have made it this far and the judges are expecting only the best among the best.

People always view beauty as seemingly effortless. In reality, it requires a lot of work to create an image worthy of perfection. It also needs quite a great deal of attention to achieve. This week’s challenge will show beauty in different aspects and stretch the contenders’ creative ideas further.
A three pronged challenge awaits contestants as they strive to be the final two.

Contestants will have to show beauty through three different mediums: a print ad; a television commercial; and a fashion show. The teams have already executed fashionable photos and a stylish runway show. But will they be able to pull-off a tv commercial for a product feature?

In just one challenge, teams have to display their strengths in the three challenges to wow the judges. The teams also need to convince judges on a product feature through a tv commercial. Will the challengers survive through three challenges in one episode?

Veteran director Joey Reyes and top creative director Mr. Manuel Villafania share their ideas and expertise as a guest judge for the episode.

The teams must be bold enough for a beautiful triumph. The four remaining teams will have to show only their strongest to make the final cut for the grand finale. Who will be the last two teams vying to be MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew?

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