Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday Food Fair & Street Market Saturdays at 99Timog Triangle

It's a double-whammy week end at 99Timog Triangle!  Two reasons to go to 99Timog Triangle startung July 29-30, 2011...and every Friday and Saturday thereafter

1) FRIDAY FOOD FAIR (F3), 5pm-3am, & every Friday thereafter:
The F3 will be held Friday nights, and will feature mostly food sellers. Live music & other acts will be showcased to entertain customers. Artists will be on-hand to offer henna painting, live sketching & customizing services, as well. 

2) STREET MARKET SATURDAYS (SMS), 10am-5pm, & every Saturday thereafter:
The SMS will be styled as an unconventional street fair showcasing sellers of vintage or secondhand goods, as well as handcrafted, art-inspired & locally-produced merchandise, or the items of starting entrepreneurs. 

A note to those who are selling high-end products or high-cost or luxury merchandise – this may not be the event for you, but if you want to use it as a venue for your items, as a meet-up place for your online clients, you are definitely welcome....the garage-sale will run simultaneously with the flea-market style of selling at a high-profile but low-cost venue.  Art exhibits & workshops as well as musical performances will also be featured during the event.

Please check guidelines or find more info at => Double Whammy Weekends on Facebook or Step Up on Facebook & multiply site: stepup2011.multiply​.com 

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