Friday, June 17, 2011

5 Things to do in Tacloban

Cebu Pacific’s Seat Sale not only gives “every Juan” an affordable way to fly, but also gives “every Juan “ an opportunity to explore the Philippines and thus, helps promote local tourism.  Because of cheap air fare from Cebu Pacific, we decided to spend a night in Tacloban just for the heck … even if we didn't know what to do and what to expect out there. If someone is planning to stay here for a night too, I've put together 5 things you can do in Tacloban:

1)  Food Tripping:
  • Cheap and fresh fish, prawns, crabs and scallops plus a nice view of the sea... at Pier Tres Seafood Restaurant, Leyte Park Hotel

  • Enjoy good coffee and pastries at Jose Karlo's... Their Biscotti was so good, I had to take some home! 

  •  Have a fine Italian dinner at Giuseppe's... great ambiance and good food at a reasonable price!
2)  Stay at Hotel Alejandro - A hotel that boasts of a storied past dating many decades of pre and post war days....
We got a superior double room for P1,430/nite which included a delightful breakfast for 2  (Tacloban Longganisa and crunchy danggit with fried good!)

One of the hotel's attractions were some 450 photos in an exhibit that comes as a vivid portrayal of the war in Leyte in October, 1944.  The photographic essay covers Gen. Douglas MacArthur's Leyte landing in fulfillment of his pledge, "I Shall Return". (from Hotel Alejandro's Website)

3)  Visit the Sto. Nino Shrine
Sto. Nino Shrine is a museum which showcases collection of antique paintings (some are original paintings from Fernando Amorsolo), sculptures, ceramics, pottery, furniture and fixtures from China, Vienna, Italy, Spain and other parts of Europe from renowned and known artists bought by Imelda Marcos during their reign....the carpets from Argentina, chandeliers from Czech Republic, tiles from Italy, mirrors from Austria.... as a whole, it was just a fine example of how the Filipinos' money was squandered uselessly. 

Entrance fee was P40/person for the first group of 5 (that means, a minimum fee of P200 for the first 5 persons)...and P20/person in excess of 5.  Video and picture-taking are not free, you have to pay P30/photo and P200/video.

4)  Shop for bags made from Banig - of course, my trip wouldn't be complete without shopping!

 Banig bags in all shapes and bags, laptop bags as low as P150.

5)  Shop for Pasalubong

Binagol (sweetened taro or cassava pudding with nuts) and Moron - a suman with tablea chocolate paste and nuts.

Yummy Samar delicacies (Pili Polvoron, Pili Yema, Cocadas and Delicias de Pili, just to name a few) from Charito's Delights at Robinson's Tacloban. (I heard Charito's Delights participates in food expo's)

Too bad, we were not able to go and see the San Juanico Bridge and Rafael's Farm and Restaurant because we were pressed for time.  But we will definitely go back so, we put them on our list! 


  1. Great info. I will try to visit these places next time I come to Samar/Leyte areas.

  2. i would like to add a nice place to eat and hang out with friends..
    "dream cafe" my friends and i really love the food and the ambiance ..well
    we really love the staff and the manager for being so nice and friendly..
    try to visit that place i tell you you would refer that place like i do..
    i love tacloban city.

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