Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diwal, Oysters and Scallops at Capiztahan sa Araneta

When I heard that there would be a showcase of seafoods from Roxas City on March 5 (Saturday) at the Araneta Center (tagged as Capiztahan sa Araneta), I got very excited because that could only mean that my favorite shellfish ever, the Diwal would finally be available for sale here in Manila...even just for a short period of time.

My love affair with Diwal started when we went to Roxas City.  It was actually love at first bite!  Diwal is an Ilonggo word which means "to stick your tongue out" because part of its tail extends out of the shell like a tongue.  

Others also call it Angel Wings Clam because the shell looks like wings of an angel when spread out or fully opened...

The name Angel Wings Clam for Diwal is just as appropriate because it really tastes heavenly.... and this is by far the best shellfish I have ever tasted!  Creamy, fleshy, succulent and sweet...and just yummy!  You need to try it!

Seafood Fair at the Capiztahan starts 6am at the Dampa, Farmer's Market in Araneta Center on Saturday, March 5th.  I heard that they will also be selling oysters and I'd better wake up early on Saturday to get the fresh catch!

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