Monday, January 31, 2011

Sidcor Sunday Market at Centris Walk

I first heard of Sidcor Sunday Market from my sister-in-law who lives in Cubao.  She buys fresh seafood from this place because she says that the prices here are cheaper than in Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to go to their original location in Cubao area.  The Sidcor Sunday Market is now at a new location, the Centris Station.  I have heard so much about this place and someone even told me that this market place was better than Salcedo Market and Legaspi Market in Makati.  So this morning, I headed off to Quezon City just to satisfy my curiosity.

Parking is available and is FREE!

Market layout is displayed at the entrance of the market so that you will know where to go....

There were shirts as low as P50, blouses as low as P100, dresses at P280 and export over runs as low as P300 at the Dry Goods Section...

You could find everything here....from shoes, to coffee beans, to accessories, eggs, to organic rice, dried fish, etc.   And, the same with other "palengkes", you need to make "tawad"...

Fruits and vegetables at "palengke" prices!  Banana Lacatan is P45 to P48 per kilo at supermarkets and other "palengkes".  Here, it is only P38/kilo!

You could also find local Sea Bass, Abalons from Palawan, Alupihang Dagat, crabs, prawns, different varieties of fish and shellfish.

From puppies (and birds, as well) to orchids, fruit-bearing trees and herbs.  I felt bad when I saw Basil plants selling at P20 only!  I just bought some at P35 each! (hu! hu! hu!)  around 2 weeks ago from Manila Seedling, which is just across the street. 

Food stalls selling kakanin, roasted calf, cooked food, etc.  I tried these healthful drinks...Citrus Malunggay and Pineapple Cucumber, and they were ssooo good and refreshing!

Escargot  for sosyaleras.... aka Kuhol for only P50 per pack

My favorite Longganisang Lucban at P70 per dozen only...just a P10 difference when you buy from Lucban. Quezon

Tapang Usa...although I wasn't able to try this one, unfortunately...

Sinaing na Tulingan at 3 for P100

Some have stalls at the Salcedo Market, as well....

Dining area for customers is also available.  However, it's very difficult to find a space so, I believe they need to add more tables and chairs at the dining area.

True enough, this is indeed the biggest weekend food market here in the Metro.  I will be coming back for sure !!!

Remember, the market is open on Sundays, 6am to 2pm.  Centris Station or Centris Walk is located at EDSA corner Quezon Avenue.  It's right after National Printing Office so, before reaching Quezon Ave, you need to turn right at the Centris' parking area. (Click HERE to View Map of Eton Centris)


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