Saturday, October 16, 2010

It took me forever to get to the FOREVER 21 Sale!

I couldn't have imagined that this would be my biggest ordeal with regard to shopping!  I was at Megamall for their 3-day sale yesterday and of course, I also went to Forever 21.  And, I tell you, I have never seen soooo many people and soooooo loooonnnggggg a queue just to shop at this store!  Look at the pictures I took....
You need to queue up just to enter the store! 

I could say that I am an experienced shopper but...I have never seen and experienced anything like these....

Queue was around 1 or 2 kilometers long....not sure 'though of the exact length, but I tell you... it was very very very very long!  What I am sure is that it was far longer than my queue during the Presidential elections.
Of course, if so many people had lined up just to enter the store, imagine how many people queued up to the counter to pay for their items! 

But,  look at this top!  Original price was P1,429.  

Sale price was P259 only!

So, was this worth my wait and my time?  For the sake of shopping experience, I think it was!  

But Forever 21 management should take a look into this!  This wasn't the kind of shopping experience I would like to have.  I don't know if the store should be a lot bigger ....but I think the store should add more cashiers and more payment counters because during regular days, payment counters easily get congested so, what more during the 3-day Sale!

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